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In case you haven’t heard, I am Community Transit’s Commuter of the Year (non-CTR). Here’s what that means.

CTR stands for commute trip reduction. There’s a law in Washington that if a company has more than 100 employees at a single location, they must take measures to encourage alternative commutes. I think that can range from a carpool-finding bulletin board to Microsoft’s own bus service.

Community Transit cooperates with these companies and has a Commuter of the Quarter award, then they pick a Commuter of the Year from the four Commuters of the Quarters. They get their pictures on buses.

Walgreens is not a CTR company. I shared my commuting story with Community Transit about a year ago with dreams of my picture on the side of a bus. That was before I knew about CTR. After not hearing anything from Community Transit for a few months, I figured I wasn’t eligible for a commuter award because I didn’t work for the right company.

Fast forward to Monday, when Community Transit called and congratulated me on my award. Apparently they also have an annual award for a commuter that does not work for a CTR company. And I won it. I don’t really know how big an honor this is; perhaps I was the only nominee in the category. But I get a free lunch and I think $100, but I’ve never seen one of these winners on the side of a bus. Oh well.

Regardless of how many nominees there were, I’m excited that they liked my commuting story, and I’m excited to have a trip down to lynnwood planned. I think I’ll go to the mall after lunch.


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