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On my way

So far today is super amazing. The weather is fantastic. I watched the sun rise over the Cascades this morning, and now my view is Mount Baker and downtown Everett, and of course Puget Sound. It’s actually sparkling today. I think it’s gonna be a great day weather-wise.

And it looks like it’s gonna be a great show figure skating-wise. I didn’t watch any of the short program, but the top three are within a point of each other, Johnny Weir is only 5 or 10 points behind (which is the difference between a solid jump and a shaky one). Apparently Jeremy Abbott fell apart, but if he can stick everything like he did at Nationals, he might be able to pull up. Not sure though. It should be a really good show.

That’s the last report for a while. I’m gonna turn off my phone in Canada to keep costs low. Have a great day. I’m so excited!


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