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Just got back from Mike’s 40th birthday party. 80s theme. There was a totally awesome PacMan cake, Pop Rocks, I brought the Atari, and we dressed up. Becky won the costume contest with her gorgeous thrift store dress. I was a runner up.

I had so much fun putting together my outfit. I didn’t wanna buy anything new, because I was sure I could find stuff. The outfit as a whole was a bit over the top, but for the most part I could pull the outfit off in everyday life. I wouldn’t tie a bandanna around my leg or roll up my jeans, but I really liked how my pajama topped looked with the vest, so the combo make another appearance in the near future. And the other time I left the house in unmatched converse was only because I had gotten dressed in the dark, and the red and magenta ones look so similar in low light.

It was a little disappointing that so many people said I looked like Punky Brewster. With my outfit I was trying to express how fashion in the 80s was about abandoning previous fashion conventions (mismatched shoes, men looking like women, assymmetry and side ponytails, etc). Punky was just the poster child for crafting your own individual look. I flaired-up my shoes to tell my story. I chose the pins and charms carefully. I love my pieces of flair (wow it’s been a long time since i watched Office Space). I didn’t mean to copy Punky so much. The orange vest was actually meant as an homage to Marty McFly (what’s with the life preserver?)

I think I’m going to put more flair on my pharmacy jacket. I miss the days when I was overflowing with flair. Yup, gonna go do that. Good night.

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Today I took inventory on my doll clothes, the first step to choreographing the photo shoot from Becky’s Christmas present. I have 197 outfits. That doesn’t even count the pile of homemade outfits that are in a bag in the closet. That’s a lot. My plan is to take pictures of the dolls in small groups and put them against cute backgrounds like I’ve done before (except for the beach one–that was taken on a January day in Ohio)

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