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The new dollies did manage to get out of their box, so here’s a closer look. I love Nahji’s nose ring! I also snapped a pic of the global representation that my doll collection can make: United States, Canada, Victorian London, India, Belarus, and Asia.





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I was at Target today and I saw the Hearts for Hearts girls in person for the first time. I was immediately in love. They will love it at my house with American Girls and Canadian Girls and Matilda and Amelia from the UK. My target had 3 in stock today: Nahji from India, Lilian from Belarus, and Zelia from Brazil. I would have taken all 3 home if I hadn’t already bought 4 new dolls this month. I’m so excited, I haven’t even taken them out of their box yet!



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Wow. 3 weeks already. Today’s throwback goes into the world of Felicity and Elizabeth. Here are Felicity and Elizabeth in their holiday gowns and Lanie in Felicity’s Gala Gown. I’m so glad Felicity and Elizabeth are part of my collection. Their dresses are some of the prettiest.


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Maplelea Monday #2

In honor of Maplelea Monday, I dressed the girls in fancy dresses. Alexi is Plum Princess, Taryn is Snow Crystal, Jenna in Montmorency Waltz, and Saila in Sweet Saxifrage. And so today’s fun facts about Canada will focus on the Purple Saxifrage. I learned about purple saxifrage from Saila’s journal.

The Purple Saxifrage is the official flower of the Nunavut Territory. It grows in cold and rocky climates, the most northerly flowering plant in the world. It grows in clumps low to the ground in its attempt to survive the elements. Go flowers of the tundra!



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Here are the Little Miss Matched girls. I only have 3 of them. I ordered all 4, but they sent me 2 artsy girls and no rocker girl. But today when I went online to make sure I remembered their names right, rocker girl was on clearance. So she’ll be in my house soon. So will a gzillion mismatched socks because you could get free shipping if you spent $75. So here are Sporty Girl, Artsy Girl, and Uptown Girl. Then I let Sporty mix things up a little and model a couple combinations.




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Put my tree up today. Stockings are hung by the TV with care. Dollies are in their Christmas dresses. Season’s greetings!





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New dolls!

Amelia and Matilda arrived on Wednesday. I got back from Canada, walked home really fast, ate a cheeseburger really fast, ripped their boxes open, shoved them in my suitcase, then ran to catch the last bus out of town to go to my parents’ house. Here are 2 pictures I took of Amelia on the ferry.



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