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Maplelea Monday

I skipped Throwback Thursday this week because of Christmas, so I really didn’t wanna skip Maplelea Monday too.  So the dollies got dressed and went outside!  They had to do some mixing and matching to put their winter looks together:

Taryn is wearing Saila’s Amazing Amauti and pants and boots from Saila’s Apati Parka.

Saila is wearing the outfit she came in (short sleeves work just fine for her–Washington is a tropical paradise compared to Nunavut) and her Pang Hat, which is quite possibly my favorite piece of dolly clothing (handmade by Inuit in the Nunavut territory!)

Jenna is wearing Saila’s Apati parka and the snow pants from the new Maple Cabin set and rainboots from Saila’s clam digger outfit.

Alexi is wearing the grey cords from Saila’s clam digger outfit and the rest of the stuff from the Maple Cabin set.

P.S. We get to meet Saige tomorrow!



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This is my last post of what I got for Christmas. This one is a Christmas gift to myself. I was browsing through Tonner dolls (beautiful, but expensive), and I found this sweetheart. Every time I go to Disneyland I stop in the Small World toy shop looking for a gift to commemorate my favorite ride, and never find anything. Finally, here is something.


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As promised, here are my dollies modeling the new dresses that my mom made. She used patterns we bought from Carpatina. Each pattern pack comes in 2 sizes: Carpatina size and American Girl size.




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I had a very nice Christmas. My mommy made me 2 dolly dresses using patterns from Carpatina. You’ll have to wait until I get home for my girls to model them. My sister brought me a puppet from Austria. Handmade in Czech Republic. Here she is:


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Tis the night before Christmas!

Didja know that Brianne, Jenna, Leonie, and Saila celebrate Christmas, while Taryn and Alexi are free to celebrate whichever holiday they choose?

That’s all for today, Happy Holidays!

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I won the December photo contest on dolldiaries.com!  Check it out:


I posted 3 photos: the concert one, the one of Taryn and the sled, and a picture of the lego friends with a lego Christmas tree.  5 winners were chosen: 2 for merit and 3 at random, so winning doesn’t even mean my photo was good, but I had a lot of good comments.  In fact, all 5 winners had really cute photos.

Happy Dollidays!

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Here is a picture of my entire Kirsten collection. I came late in the game, so there are a few outfits I’m missing, like her Swedish dirndl and her striped summer dress.


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