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Here is Molly in her Girl Scout Uniform.  I think it came out in 1996.  I am a Girl Scout, but this is not what my uniform looked like, and it’s not what the uniform looks like now.  This is still one of my all time favorite American Girl outfits.  I also threw in a closeup of the socks and penny loafers, which are pretty amazing.

Girl Scout Molly 001

Girl Scout Molly 002

A post-script about my Molly doll:

As you may know, Molly was my first American Girl doll.  She is what we in the know call “Pre-Mattel” because she was individually crafted in Germany, rather than mass-produced in China.  So her face looks a little different from the newer dolls.  She is wearing her 3rd set of glasses–I still have her 2nd set, but I like the shape of these newer ones better.

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Yesterday I had to go to Seattle, and Leonie insisted on coming with me.*  It was a great day, and we got some cute pictures.  I wasn’t planning on bringing Leonie into the theater, but the car ended up being too far away to put her back in the car.


on the bus


waiting for the ferry


on the ferry


playing in the leaves at Grand-maman’s house


a good tree-climbing tree


outside the theater


The Music Man!


pretty lamp inside the theater


the stage

*Leonie, like all of my dolls, does not actually talk to me. I’m not that crazy yet.

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Today is a very special Maplelea Monday…because Léonie arrived!!!  I have been home from work for exactly 36 minutes, and I couldn’t wait to report to you that SHE IS HERE!  I also got 8 new Maplelea outfits, which you’ll see pictures of eventually.

And who is Leonie? (I’m gonna leave the accent off her name–it’s much easier that way).  She is French Canadian, living in Quebec City.  Her name is pronounced Lay-o-nee.  I like to put a little emphasis on the “nee” part of her name, but I don’t know if that’s proper.  I already own most of Leonie’s clothes, and from those I know she likes music and her family history.  Her face is different from the rest of the Maplelea girls–she has smaller eyes.  Her eyes are a unique hazel color.  I’m so glad I got her!

Leonie's Arrival Day 026

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Here’s an outfit I’ve had for quite a while, but just now got around to putting it on someone.  And it’s adorable!!  This is Jenna’s skater girl outfit.  The outfit came with the t-shirt, shorts, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, and skateboard.  She is also  wearing her Runaround sneakers (sold separately) and the Maplelea Safety Helmet.  I really like how the t-shirt brings out the green in Jenna’s eyes.

Skater Girl Jenna 005

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Due to some prednisone-assisted insomnia, I am posting what I planned on posting later today right now, at 1am.  Alexi and Jenna are ready for the Oscars tonight, as they walk down the red carpet in the photo below.  And, because I’m hosting a poll on the Friends of Maplelea board, and I want the contest to have some integrity, here are my picks:

  • Best Picture–Les Miserables
  • Actor–Daniel Day Lewis, Lincoln
  • Actress–Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty
  • Supporting Actor–Tommy Lee Jones, Lincoln
  • Supporting Actress–Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables
  • Animated Feature–Brave
  • Cinematography–Anna Karenina
  • Costume–Mirror Mirror
  • Director–Stephen Spielberg, Lincoln
  • Makeup and Hairstyling–The Hobbit
  • Score–Anna Karenina
  • Original Song–Pi’s Lullaby, Life of Pi
  • Visual Effects–The Hobbit
  • Adapted Screenplay–Lincoln
  • Original Screenplay–Zero Dark Thirty

This year’s race is pretty exciting because I’ve seen a lot of the movies.  And yes, if a movie I had seen was in a category, then I picked that to win.  In some of the categories, like song and score, I just guessed.  I left out categories that I don’t care about, like Art Direction and the documentary categories.

I’m probably not going to watch the show because I have other things to do on a Sunday night, and it’s really not exciting to watch on the DVR, but I might catch the end if it runs late, and I’ll check the results.

red carpet 003

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Here are two of the new American Girl outfits that came out on February 14. Caroline in her new work dress and Jess in the Easy Breezy Outfit


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A little Pullip

I’ve mentioned the Pullips, but haven’t yet featured them here. They are from a company called Jun planning. If I recall they are a Korean company that sold to Japan. Therefore they are hard to find and expensive. I fell in love with them the moment I saw them. They are super poseable and their eyes move by levers on the back of their heads; reminiscent of Kenner dolls of the 1970s.

I have 7, and I think that’s enough, unless I find good deals on more. This is Dita. She looks like strawberry shortcake.


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