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Another cute outfit just released by American Girl. Modeled again by Emily. And meet her new dog Yank. Yank’s neck is smaller than most AG pets, so the collar is wrapped around twice. They look ready for the circus!

mix and match 001

Please excuse the messy kitchen behind her–I knew Yank would fall down if I re-posed them somewhere else!

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mix and match 002mix and match 003mix and match 004mix and match 005mix and match 006mix and match 007
mix and match 008mix and match 009mix and match 010mix and match 011mix and match 012mix and match 013
mix and match 014mix and match 015mix and match 016mix and match 017mix and match 018mix and match 019
mix and match 020mix and match 021mix and match 022mix and match 023mix and match 024mix and match 025

Mix and Match 2013, a set on Flickr.

I got three new outfits from American Girl, advertised as a mix and match set. While I think the three original outfits are adorable (striped hoodie with orange pants and grey tennies, red flower sweater with floral skirt and red shoes, green top with blue pants and yellow shoes), there aren’t really any other combinations that work. Not much of a mix and match set. I put photos of Emily wearing the 27 combinations on Flickr (could have 3x more combos if you count changing the hair accessories). This is the first time sharing Flickr and WordPress–let’s see how it works.

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My mommy’s birthday present to me arrived in the mail on Tuesday. Aren’t they amazing? Caroline’s dress is from Josefina’s Patterns, and Elizabeth’s dress is from a Carpatina pattern.

Mackinac Island 009 Mackinac Island 008 Mackinac Island 006

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Today it was announced that Molly and Emily will be retired. No date was given, I will assume end of the year, or “while supplies last”. In Molly’s honor, here is Nicki wearing one of Molly’s retired outfits. This is her roller skating outfit. I bought it when I was a broke college student, so I didn’t buy the turquoise roller skates because I already had Molly’s original red roller skates. Nicki’s not wearing any roller skates, just the outfit!

double bluff beach 050 double bluff beach 051

PS: Last week on Throwback Thursday I featured Molly’s swimsuit, because I thought it was retired, but it’s available now.  It’s gorgeous.  Everyone should buy it before it’s retired!

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3 weeks ’til my Canadian adventure!

I think you’ve seen this outfit before, but it’s one of my favorites, so here it is again. Alexi is wearing Jenna’s Highland Lass. It’s a symbol of Jenna and Nova Scotia’s Scottish roots. The journal pages for this outfit (which I don’t have with me because I’m still on vacation) describe Highland dancing and Dancing Like a Deer. At one point Highland Dancing was used to describe a hunting conquest?

double bluff beach 053

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I brought Caroline to Mackinac Island. I knew there were some War of 1812 sites here, so I thought Caroline would like it. Had Samantha arrived before Caroline was already packed, she might have come. The island has a turn-of-the-century feel that would suit Samantha, and I would have been less worried about messing up her hair (Caroline’s curls will never be the same).

Mackinac’s role in the War of 1812:
In July of 1812, British troops landed on the north shore of the island. Americans had gained the land after the Revolutionary War, and had already established Fort Mackinac to protect fur trading. The Americans apparently hadn’t yet heard that war had been declared, and surrendered immediately to the British. Thrilling. The Americans attempted to get the island back in 1814. There was a battle. The American commander got killed by an Indian. Most of the battleground is now a golf course.

mackinac island 006

On Washington State Ferries

mackinac island 007 mackinac island 010 mackinac island 011

mackinac island 018

mackinac island 026
Fort Mackinac
mackinac island 032
On the lookout
mackinac island 038

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Nellie has been waiting for a week for this post, but I wanted to wait until Samantha was here! Samantha is here! I bought her on ebay. I haven’t searched for Samanthas on ebay for years, but I did on a whim last week. Found her for a good price, and her auction was ending soon, so I bid. Now she’s mine. Of course, after getting a Samantha, I had to find a Nellie too. I did.  I now have 30 American Girl dolls.  Every Historical Character, every  Girl of the Year, and Sonali.  The only doll-with-a-name that I’m missing is Chrissa’s friend Gwen.

Nellie is in almost new condition, but is missing her bloomers. Samantha is Pre-Mattel (she has an artist mark behind her ear), but her dress is not attached at the back seam (where the velcro is) and I think that’s where the “made in Germany” tag would be attached. Her hair is really frizzy and not curly anymore, but that’s kinda what I wanted–a well loved Samantha. She is missing her shoes (but I have extras in my collection) but came with tights, bloomers, dress, hat, purse, two hairbrushes, her pink-striped dress and pinafore, nightgown, and a catalog from Holiday 1997. I didn’t know the catalog would be in the box; it was a nice treat. And here are the photos!

mackinac island 002 mackinac island 003 double bluff beach 001 double bluff beach 003

But as it turns out, I ruined a Christmas present from my mommy!  She bought me a Samantha already, and was waiting for Christmas.  That would have been an awesome Christmas present!  We haven’t decided what to do with the second Samantha yet, but I am forbidden from buying any of Samantha’s stuff until Christmas.  Maybe I will ban myself from ebay until Christmas.

(by the way, in the photo of the two of them, Nellie is wearing Rebecca’s lace dress, which I think suits Nellie well.  Oh, and I took the Samantha photos this morning at 5.  I am currently at the airport waiting to start my journey to Mackinac Island.  I have a dolly with me and already have a really cute photo.  Anyone wanna guess who came with me?  I’ll put up pictures tomorrow or Monday.)

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TJIF Guinevere

I think Julia looks amazing in this dress. It’s called Guinevere. It’s made of linen. It ties on each side. It comes with shoes and a crown. I love it.

double bluff beach 052

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This is Kanani. She is wearing Molly’s 1944 swimsuit, which came with the towel, beach ball, necklace, sandals, and sunglasses. According to the little card that came with it, Americans in 1944 were fascinated with Hawaii since the bombing of Pearl Harbor put it in the news, so Molly’s swimsuit is Hawaii-inspired. Doesn’t it look perfect on Kanani? We drove about 30 minutes to get to this beach, and it was nice.

double bluff beach 006

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4 weeks ’til my great Canadian vacation!

This is Taryn in Jenna’s Blueberry Mist (I think the sunlight in the photo looks kinda mist-y!)

And a fact from the accompanying journal page: “The world’s longest bridge over waters that freeze is called the Confederation Bridge and it links the provinces of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.”

taryn in blueberry mist 001

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