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Dollies' new oven 002 Dollies' new oven 003 Dollies' new oven 004My Auntie found this oven. It’s vintage. It says General Electric Appearance Replicas on the back. It’s pink. I love it.



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My sister bought this for me in Norway. I love her.


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Here are some close-ups from my dollies’ Nunavut Day celebration

Alexi in Katajjaq Giggles:
July 9--Happy Birthday Saila 008

Brianne in Clam Digger:
July 9--Happy Birthday Saila 007

Taryn in Nunavut Now:
July 9--Happy Birthday Saila 004

Leonie in Sweet Saxifrage:
July 9--Happy Birthday Saila 003

On Nunavut Day, I found myself very curious about how Inuktitut works.  Here’s the alphabet:

And the link for the page I got that: http://nunavut.com/nunavut99/english/our.html

Saila begins all of her journal pages saying “Hi” in Inuktitut.  It’s written with the “a” character followed by the “i” character.  So “Hi” looks like 2 triangles!  I think it’s pronounced like “eye”, but it might be more like “eh”, Canadians’ favorite syllable.

Do you have a favorite Saila outfit?

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My Samantha got to meet the Samantha my mom bought. They both have pre-Mattel bodies, but mommy’s doll has a new head. I’m keeping the old-headed one, but they switched dresses because New Head had a dress in better condition. The fate of the 2nd Samantha is still unknown. Here’s a pretty photo of the 2 of them.


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Here’s a sweet little photo that I took of McKenna (girl of the year 2012) and her dog Cooper (who I got on sale from American Girl this year) and the new Spring Park Scene.

Atlantic Canada 001

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Atlantic Canada 039Atlantic Canada 015Atlantic Canada 014Atlantic Canada 013Atlantic Canada 012Atlantic Canada 011
Atlantic Canada 009Atlantic Canada 008Atlantic Canada 016Atlantic Canada 017Atlantic Canada 020Atlantic Canada 021
Atlantic Canada 022Atlantic Canada 023Atlantic Canada 024Atlantic Canada 025Atlantic Canada 026Atlantic Canada 027
Atlantic Canada 030Atlantic Canada 031Atlantic Canada 032Atlantic Canada 033Atlantic Canada 034Atlantic Canada 035

Atlantic Canada 2013, a set on Flickr.

I’m going to cheat a little for Maplelea Monday. I just got back from Canada, and I’m tired, so I’m just going to refer you to my Flickr. Canada is amazing!

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I almost forgot Throwback Thursday because I’m on vacation! But I’m on a bus with wifi (sweet). So here are three photos I took a couple weeks ago. Felicity and Elizabeth in their Tea Lesson gowns. These gowns were released around the same time as Felicity’s movie. They’re gorgeous.




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