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Dolly A-Z: Jess

It’s the last day of September, so it must be time for Halloween! I disagree, but Jess seems to think so. Here she is in a witch costume, swimming in candy corn.


And here is the photo most characteristic of Jess:

jess 005

Jess is one of my favorites.  She was my 6th American girl, after Molly, Kit, Lindsey, Kailey, and Marisol.  I lived in Ohio when I bought her, and I could barely afford her at the time.  I’m a sucker for her orange and pink dress, especially with her dark hair.

In Jess’s story, she and her family head off to Belize.  So, in honor of Jess, I’m off to the library to explore vacation destinations!


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Dolly A-Z: Jenna

Hello. And say hello to Jenna. I love Jenna. Jenna and I have really bonded because we’ve left the country together (we went to Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia together in July). Here’s a photo of her looking cute and Canadian.


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Dolly A-Z: Japan

Running a little late today. I blame my mother. Here is another Madame Alexander. This one’s Japan. I think she looks like a boy.

japan 001

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Dolly A-Z: Ivy

Happy Friday! Ivy is an amazing American Girl; I love her smooth short hair and bangs. Ivy joined my dolly family in January of 2008, at the same time as Julie and Mia. Those 3 were my 9th, 10th, and 11th American Girl dolls. Here’s the family in 2008 (Nicki is not in the picture–she was tasked with minding the apartment in Ohio while the rest of us got to go home to Grandma’s!)


And how about Ivy’s greatest hits? (P.S. Did you know that these photo galleries appear in random order?  So if you find yourself looking at a giant eyeball, press refresh until it goes into a smaller part of the collage):

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Dolly A-Z: Isabel

Isabel is a doll from American Girl’s short-lived Girls of Many Lands line. She is about 10 inches tall, and came with a book. The Girls of Many Lands books are written at a 6th grade level, and I love them. Isabel lives in Elizabethan England. Thanks to modern technology, I was able to put her photo in front of a photo of the Globe Theatre. I thought she’d like that.


I think I’ll experiment more with these photo backdrops.  I didn’t use photoshop, I just plugged my computer into the TV, then took a photo of the doll standing in front of the TV.  Way less work than photoshop.

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Dolly A-Z: Henry

Hooray for Henry!

Henry is my boy dolly from Pottery Barn Kids. I think he is adorable. He finally got some new clothes, courtesy of My London Guy (same place as My London Girl). The pants are pretty tight in the thighs for Henry, but they still work.

008 009


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Dolly A-Z: Gretel

Today we meet Gretel from Madame Alexander. I think I got her for Christmas in 1988. Most of my Madame Alexanders are from the International Collection, but Gretel is a storybook character.

Please enjoy these pictures of Gretel putting a witch in an oven. (The part of the witch is played by Jess in the new American Girl witch costume).

gretel 001

gretel 003

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