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More live blogging!

Look how cute Saige looks riding the train!



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Saige goes to New Mexico, a set on Flickr.

Hello! Saige and I are at the airport in Albuquerque, about to head home. I got the photos uploaded to Flickr. Here’s the link for the photos with Saige in them. If you poke around my flickr, you can find the rest of the photos that I took at Balloon Fiesta (there are a lot!)

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Dolly A-Z: Leonie

Meet Leonie. She’s from Maplelea. She lives in Quebec City, which means her first language is French. Tres bien.

That’s pretty much all the French I know. Ou est la salle de bain? Ma vol est en retard.

With a few more phrases I’ll be set to take Leonie on a trip to Quebec. That’s on my travel wishlist: take my Maplelea Girls on a trip to their homeland. I took Jenna this summer. I went to Toronto last summer, but I didn’t bring Alexi. I’m not sure I’ll ever go to Nunavut though, so I’m not sure Saila will make it.  And Taryn lives in Banff, which I heard is beautiful, and Brianne lives in Manitoba, where I have my eye on a polar bear excursion tour (maybe that trip could work for Saila too, though I’m not sure I wanna travel internationally with two dollies)

Enough daydreaming.  Leonie’s Halloween costume is a new outfit from Maplelea called Happy Tap. It’s pretty awesome. I love Maplelea!

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