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Dolly A-Z: Lindsey

Lindsey was the very first limited-edition American Girl doll (now called Girl of the Year) and she was introduced in 2001. I was a college student then, so buying her pretty much took all of my spending money for the quarter! I fell in love with her short curly hair and freckles. Here is the outfit she came in, and her scooter that I bought a couple years later (the photo was taken earlier this year):

Lindsey 007

This is our favorite picture of Lindsey, my mom sent the photo to me as a Christmas Card when I was living in Ohio.  I was in Ohio for 4 years for grad school, but Lindsey and Kailey did not live with me.  They stayed with my mom, and on the snowy day that year, my mommy took this photo of Lindsey in the dogsledding outfit:


And here’s Lindsey today in her Halloween costume (the first American Girl cheerleader outfit, ca 1996, and some tennis shoes I bought at American Girl Chicago a few years ago):

cheerleader lindsey 002


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