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Dolly A-Z: Lulu

Are you prepared to meet the most beautiful doll ever?

Her name is Lulu, she comes from Karito Kids. Karito Kids went out of business a few years before I discovered Lulu. Here are 2 photos that made me want her. They are not my photos. They are from a friend on the Friends of Maplelea message board (her name is sailafan):


So I found Lulu, still in box, on ebay for $50.  Here are photos of my Lulu:

karito kids 002

karito kids 001

Lulu is from Kenya and plays soccer.  My Lulu is from Karito Kids’ first generation; sailafan’s is wearing the second generation outfit, which was pink.  Karito Kids are about 22 inches tall (compared to American Girl’s 18), and a bit skinnier than American Girl.  They have trouble standing up on their own.  That’s why their arms are a bit wonky in the photos above–they’re trying to keep their balance.


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