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Marta is one of the few dolls I have that I had to name myself.  I named her after the Dutch girl that Chandler and Joey fought over in an episode of Friends (the One With All the Football). She is a Tonner doll and she is adorable.  I got her on ebay for about $60 (original price $125!).  I was so excited to have a doll that commemorates my favorite ride at Disneyland.

it's a small world 003

Well, last week the Disney Store released a whole line of It’s A Small World dolls!  I love them.  They sing in 2 languages (except the English one; he only sings in English), and they fit in nicely with the international theme of the majority of my doll collection (American Girls, Canadian girls, Australian Girl, my Madame Alexanders, etc).  So I bought them all.  They were just under $30 a piece.  They arrived in a giant Disney Store box last week.  They look adorable in pictures, but their hair is really cheesy, and they can’t really sit down, and some of them have trouble standing on their own.  They have weird body shapes, owing to the singing mechanism and push-button bellies.  They would not stop singing as I tried to take them out of boxes.  I finally found the off switch after I got the first doll unpacked.

And look how cheesy the Dutch one looks next to my beautiful Tonner doll:

it's a small world 004

Wow, she actually photographs pretty well.  You don’t notice her wonky bangs so much, and her yellow hair comes out a bit more mellow than it is in real life.

Here are the other 6:

it's a small world 002

India, England, Kenya

it's a small world 001

France, Japan, and Hawaii

Which one’s your favorite?



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