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Dolly A-Z: McKenna

McKenna is the Girl of the Year from 2012.  I bought her at the Seattle store a few days after New Years, and a few pieces of her collection were already sold out.  That’s why the next year I went on New Years Day.  I still got the last copy of the Saige Paints the Sky book, and we had to take it out of the hands of a little girl (“Are you going to buy that?  No?  Can I have it please?)!  Those American Girl collectors be crazy!

McKenna has nice, straight hair.  That’s a big reason she got picked to go with me to Chicago this summer.  So here she is looking cute in Chicago:


For Halloween she is dressed as Princess Jasmine, in an outfit I bought at Disney World in 2009.  By the way, I’m going to Disney World in 11 days!

a girl for all time costumes 006


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