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Dolly A-Z: Mia

Mia was the lucky doll that accompanied me and my friends to a special event at American Girl.  It was free, reservations were required, and they had lemonade and chocolate-covered strawberries.  And there was a drawing at the door, and they gave us a goodie bag with a Saige poster, another Saige t-shirt, a copy of American Girl Magazine, and a book called Express Yourself.


They almost didn’t give me a goodie bag because I looked like a child.  Since we were unsure what they meant by “refreshments”, we didn’t eat before we went to the store.  So after we went the the Old Spaghetti Factory.  Yum.  We got to sit in the train.



The best part came the next day, when Becky won the drawing!  She won the dolly daybed, the dreamy bedding, the blue pajamas, and a night at a hotel in Lynnwood.  She called the hotel and booked New Years Eve!!  And I get to come!  Girl of the Year 2014 here we come!

Let’s find a few more photos of Mia.

dolly comparisons 015



Mia was Girl of the Year 2008.  She has a bunch of brothers and loves figure skating.  Conveniently, I love figure skating too, so I love Mia.


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