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Dolly A-Z: Rachel

This is Rachel.  She’s named after my sister.  We made her at Build-a-Bear about 8 years ago.  The line was called Friends 2B Made, and we never saw them at Build-a-Bears here on the west coast; we built them in Ohio.  There’s also a Marjorie dolly, but she lives at my sister’s house.



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Dolly A-Z: Princess Ann

Princess Ann is Audrey Hepburn’s character in the movie Roman Holiday. Pullip Princess Ann comes with 2 dresses, her princess dress…
the day after dolly day 004

…and her plain dress, that she wears when she tries to run away from her life as a princess.

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Dolly A-Z: Pita

Happy Thanksgiving! This is Pita. Her character’s from Mexico, so has decided not to celebrate thanksgiving.
By the way, Pita is a Karito Kids doll. She’s lovely. It’s sad karito kids went out of business–she needs more clothes.

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I am a little obsessed with Pinkalicious. While Becky’s daughter had a Pinkalicious party for her 4th birthday, she has kinda grown out of that now 4 years later. The same is not true for me. I heart Pinkalicious. I went to Pinkalicious the Musical last summer in Toronto. I still listen to the cd. So being a fan of both Pinkalicious and Madame Alexander, I had to get this doll. And this book.


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Dolly A-Z: Peru


Hello. Meet Madame Alexander Peru. I got her on eBay. She did not come from a smoke-free home. Why does she have a spoon on her neck?


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Dolly A-Z: Nicki

Nicki, Girl of the Year 2007, is my 9th American Girl.  I wasn’t planning on adding her to my collection until I saw her in person at the American Girl Place in Chicago.  She’s so cute!  I love her freckles and her hair color.  (Hey, that’s the same thing I said about Nellie!).  I decided my Nicki doll should wear glasses.

In the Molly celebration going on at my house, Nicki is ready for Camp Gowanagin:

nicki 003

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Dolly A-Z: Nellie

I bought Nellie on ebay this year, making her my 29th American Girl doll.  I really really like her.  She’s the only girl with her face shape and freckles.  She’s the only girl with her strawberry blond hair color.  Here are photos from the day she arrived:

double bluff beach 003double bluff beach 001

And here’s what she’s wearing today (Molly’s Roller Skating Outfit, with cymbals from Molly’s Percussion Set):

nellie plays percussion 001


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