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Ever since I bought Henry from Pottery Barn Kids, Pottery Barn has been flooding me with emails and catalogs.  One caught my attention right before Christmas…it had the words doll and sale.  All the dolls (including Henry) were marked down about 40%, and there was free shipping, and there were these new cuties:

pottery barn girlies 003

Meet Lisha from Kenya, Elodia from Mexico, Miki from USA, Song from China, Maple from Canada, Inna from Russia, and Sidney from Australia.  They are soft and huggable, and I estimate about 3 feet long.  They’ve been sharing my bed with me for about a week (because I have nowhere else to store 7! new dolls).  I’m running out of space, but I love them so much.

For anyone interested, these dollies are of wonderful quality.  They are okay for ages 3 and up.  Their clothes don’t come off and only Sidney has a removable piece (a Koala bear on her arm that you can’t really see in this photo).  They’re a bit expensive to give to a three-year-old, but I can imagine 3-year-old me loving and lugging one of these dolls everywhere!

Here’s a link to Pottery Barn’s website (looks like they’re still on sale):


Oh man, I just saw they had Christmas ornament versions of these dolls!  But alas, they’re all sold out except for Australia.  Who’s adorable, but I need my Christmas ornaments to come in sets, and I don’t think I need a whole set of girls from Australia.

It’s almost time for Girl of the Year 2014!


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I had a lovely Christmas.  I got good presents and ate yummy food and got days off work and spent time with family and saw ballet and movies and…

My dollies got a lot of presents.  The first one I opened was Samantha’s Scenes and Settings.  Here are my mom’s 2 dolls and my Nellie sitting in front of the kitchen scene.

christmas 2013 001

As I was opening the second box, my mom told my Dad to get the egg timer, which I thought was a bit odd.  Inside the box were a number of individual parcels.  My mom handed me the egg timer and informed me that I was allowed to open one packet per hour.  Here’s what I got each hour:

1. Samantha’s Tea Party Dress

2. Medieval Princess Costume

3. Samantha’s Christmas Dress

christmas 2013 004

4. Samantha’s Sailor Dress

5. Felicity’s Rose Garden Gown

6. Samantha’s School Dress

7. Samantha’s Holiday Coat

8. Kirsten’s Swedish Dirndl

And I got to open the last 3 at once, after dinner

9. Nellie’s Pajamas

10. Addy’s Striped Dress

11. Samantha’s Play Dress and Pinafore


christmas 2013 005

I was expecting a couple items off my AG list, because my mom banned me from ebay for 6 months after I ruined part of my present when I bought my own Samantha doll this summer.  But I was not expecting 11 dresses!  I removed these items from my wishlist, but am amazed at how many items are still on the list, plus I’m adding more Scenes and Settings because they’re awesome.

I was gonna get the new outfits on everyone today, but instead I cleaned up the Christmas Legos that my 2-year-old friend dismantled.

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Dolly A-Z: Zoe

We made it!  A-Z Addy to Zoe.  Zoe is from Karito Kids.  I had to have her as soon as I found out she had freckles.

dolly t-z 009

I bought her without seeing a picture, and was disappointed when she arrived without her hat, and wearing an American Girl skirt.  But I still love her.

If you’ve been following since August, you’ve now met every single one of my dolls.  Any favorites?


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Dolly A-Z: Zelia

Merry Christmas!  Hearts for Hearts Zelia would like to show off my nativity:

dolly t-z 006

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.

And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men (Luke 2:11-14)

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This adorable redhead from Little Miss Matched arrived wearing an adorable trench:


And is fun to dress up


Uptown Girl is adorable, even if she makes Billy Joel songs get stuck in my head.

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What a boring name for a dolly.  This is United States, from Madame Alexander.

dolly t-z 008

Not to be confused with Betsy Ross (who’s holding a flag)

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Dolly A-Z: Ugly Betty

A great doll of a great character–this is Ugly Betty from Madame Alexander.  I got her a few years ago at Toys R Us for $10.  I bought one for my mommy too, because she also likes dolls and Ugly Betty.

dolly t-z 007

The poncho she wears is from Ugly Betty’s first episode.  She’s interviewing with Meade Publishing, and a fashionable girl in the lobby is wearing a poncho.  When her nephew recommends wearing something fashionable for her first day at Mode Magazine, this is what Betty puts on.  iHola Betty!

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