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Three cheers for new stuff from Maplelea!

This one’s called Pom Pom Power and comes with a skort, top, socks, shoes, pompoms, and a hair ribbon.

And two new outfits with sports themes:

Cuteness.  Makes you wanna go out and be active, eh?

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Let’s Celebrate!

Today I post photos of the New Orleans-themed celebration going on at my house.  I guess the dolls figured a celebration is needed because Cecile and I made it home safely from New Orleans.




Pictured are Cecile in Marie-Grace’s party dress and Kailey in the fancy dress and some accessories for a Mardi Gras celebration, which are from Cecile and Marie-Grace’s collection.  They are showing off their new banquet table and treats.  Everything on the table came with the table, including the glassware.  The backdrop is from American Girl too.

I would like to challenge everybody to celebrate this week.  Throw a party for no good reason.  Do something that makes you happy.  Life is a gift.  No matter how icky things get, you can find something good.  Celebrate that something.  I’m going to Disney World–Where Dreams Come True.  What are your dreams?

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Mac and Colonel Richard Stillman are thrilled to be making their dolly blog debut.   Past credits include the gift shop at the National WWII Museum.

Colonel Stillman almost didn’t make it home.  He was in my suitcase that got lost, then found, then lost again. But it finally got found, so now I have two new dollies. The end.



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So, I don’t have any new Maplelea photos this week because I’m still on vacation.  To make up for it, here’s a big pile of Maplelea photos, divided by girl.  Float over images to get a description of the outfit.







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Cecile and I went to New Orleans this week.  Here are some adorable photos.

Overlooking our hotel’s courtyard:

Jackson Square:

On a Swamp Tour:

At Oak Alley Plantation:

Even though there were signs that said not to, Cecile climbed a tree, because the branches were low enough that she could:


If you wanna see more photos from my trip, go to my Flickr set:



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Hello! I have more photos on my real camera that I’ll probably get up by tomorrow, but here are some pictures I took today on my iPhone

Dollies at the WWII museum that I didn’t buy

And dollies that I did buy. At 75% off, they were impossible to resist.

And the waitress at Hard Rock brought Cecile a cup!

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The Maplelea girls are dressed in their fanciest to celebrate the return of Maplelea Monday

Alexi is wearing Brianne’s Tea Time Terrific, Jenna is wearing Saila’s Sweet Saxifrage, Leonie is wearing Brianne’s Ribbons n Lace, Brianne is wearing Jenna’s Melody in Blue, Saila is wearing Leonie’s Special Occasion Outfit, and Taryn is wearing her junior bridesmaid dress called Apple of My Eye.

In the journal pages that accompany Brianne’s fancy pink dress (Ribbons n Lace, the one that Leonie is wearing) she talks about an early Christmas gift from her grandmother: tickets to the Nutcracker ballet!  I gave my mother tickets to the Nutcracker for Christmas!

Some ballet facts, courtesy of Brianne’s Journal Page:

Tchaikovsky wrote only three ballets in his life: Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, and his last, the Nutcracker.  All three are well-loved classics.
Although the Nutcracker was performed for the first time in Russia in 1892, it took until 1954 for a full-length version to be staged by George Balanchine in North America.  His choreography inspired the many versions that have played around the world ever since.
The Royal Winnipeg Ballet was founded in 1939 and is the oldest continuously operating ballet company in North America.

Leaving on vacation tomorrow!  Have a great day!

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A new TJIF post!

Remember TJIF? In my dolly world, it stands for Thank Julia It’s Friday. I decided to bring it back today because of one of my new followers declared in a comment that today is Friday, and she got 2 new Carpatina dolls. Julia is wearing one of her newest outfits today. She is wearing the Baker Street Outfit, and the majority of the Steampunk Extras.


Thanks to all my followers, with a special shoutout to the one with the really long username that I have nicknamed Pasha (like the eccentric Russian ice dancer from the 90s)!

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Isabelle has been mine for a week now, but I still only have a couple photos of her.  Today, enjoy this photo of her expensive design studio, which I happen to love.  I read Isabelle’s 2nd book, Designs by Isabelle, yesterday.  Here’s what I learned about her studio space:

“Pulling me inside, she led me over to a tall white armoire against the far wall of the room.  When she opened the doors of the armoire, I stared in amazement.  Usually the shelves of the armoire were crammed with fabric and piles of stuff from Mom’s work, like photos and X-rays of old dresses from the Smithsonian.  But today the shelves were clean and bare, except for a white wicker sewing basket, a tidy pile of colored fabric swatches, and the small purple sewing machine that Mom sometimes let me use…’For you’ Mom announced, waving her hand toward the armoire with a flourish.  ‘I thought you could make this your own and work on your designs in here.'”

isabelle's studio 004 isabelle's studio 003

I didn’t take photos of all the little tiny things that come with this: scissors and a tape measure and a pin cushion and postcards for decoration and a sketch book and…

With this, Isabelle will get her own storage space in my house.  All her clothing and stuff will go in here. (Right now everybody’s wearing it!)

Sorry I haven’t been posting much, just taking a break for the holidays.  I’ll get back in the swing soon.  Maplelea Monday will return!

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Isabelle’s Debut!

This went a lot better than last year.  Last year Saige was set up in a corner, and I got stuck and it was crowded and I wasn’t happy.  I wasn’t going to go on the first this year, but then my friend won the American Girl hotel package, and New Years Eve was the only night when she and I could both work out.  So we stayed (for free) at the hotel down the street from American Girl.  Last year we had to drive for 2 hours, and arrived at about 9:40 and were 20th in line or so.  This year I woke up at 8 and was at the store at 9 (while everyone else in our group was still eating breakfast, I walked to the mall), and was about the 6th person in line.  It was awesome, and the complimentary breakfast buffet at the hotel was pretty decent.

Since we had an AG first timer in our group (her doll was a gift from her uncle) we scoped out the store last night before the madness happened.

the night before

We got crackers from Target and wore our silly hats to ring in the new year in our hotel.

at the hotel

The prize package (or the hotel package that you can purchase) comes with one doll travel bed.  Additional beds were $35.  We bought them for the little girls, but I passed.

dolly beds

I had some trouble sleeping because I was so excited, but morning finally came and Addy and I headed out to the store.

isabelle's debut 001

isabelle's debut 002

isabelle's debut 005

isabelle's debut 004

isabelle's debut 007

isabelle's debut 012

isabelle's debut 008

isabelle's debut 009

isabelle's debut 010

isabelle's debut 013

Then we went to Panera, and Addy tried on the giveaway t-shirt.  I heard it was different at the other stores, but at our store they were giving away t-shirts to the girls doing the crafts.  Last year, they handed t-shirts to all the girls at the door.  Last year, we sent Becky’s daughter back in to get me a shirt.  This year, Valerie’s daughter asked, “can I go do the craft again so Marjorie can have a shirt?”  Awww.  I imagine I could have asked for a shirt, but last year I ended up with 2 Saige shirts because they were still giving them out at the end of the year, and then they sold them on Cyber Monday, so I figured I would find one eventually.  But I couldn’t resist Valerie’s daughter’s offer.  I took the photos outside while I waited for her to do the craft again (I was not interested in going back into the crowded store, especially with my heavy shopping bag).

It was a really fun day.  I bought everything except the barre and the dance bag full of hair accessories.  I skipped the barre because the design studio has a barre on the door, and I skipped the dance bag because I don’t play with my dollies’ hair.  But by skipping on those 2 items, I missed both pairs of ballet slippers.  So my new ballerina doll has only one pair of ballet slippers.  Oh well.

Time to go dress dollies.  Good night.


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