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A few weeks overdue, here are better pictures of the Maplelea Girls in their Valentines Day outfits:

This is Brianne’s Super Splediferous:

Saila in Ile de Passage:

Taryn in Cirque du Monde (you can tell it’s a Leonie outfit because the name’s in French):

Jenna is wearing Tutu Cute:

Alexi is in the new outfit called Rose of Hearts.  It comes with Valentines!  They’re in her hand and at her feet:

And Leonie is in Tickled Pink, which is no longer available, but I have a feeling it will make a comeback at some point.  The shoes are fantastic!

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I just got home from Vancouver! I was gonna bring a dolly, but then the weather forecast showed a 100% chance of rain. And it rained. And rained some more. And I’d like to think when a Seattleite says it’s raining that you can believe them. I got really wet. Dolly would have been very unhappy.

But I bought them a present. I dismantled a keychain that I bought at The Bay. Check out Saila’s new mittens:


I also bought the suitcase she’s standing in front of because it was on sale and the wheels on my old one stopped rolling. I heart Canada!

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I’m trying something new.  Feature an outfit every week.  Hopefully on more than one doll, but it takes more than twice as much time to photograph 2 dolls in the same outfit, so we’ll see.  Even this week, I only got one doll in the outfit, but I have an old photo to put next to it.  So here we go!  Heart Dress–2009.

Today on Jess:


And last year on Cecile:


This dress is very pink.  Pretty simple.  I love it with Cecile’s white hair ribbons.  My dollies have worn the shoes with a few other outfits.  Perfect for Valentines Day.


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New Friends!

New friends of both the human and dolly variety!

First, the human. Becky’s friend’s husband’s sister, Diane. I went to her house today to see her dollies. They’re gorgeous. Her favorites are Gene dolls. She sews for them. She has a blog:

Diane on Whidbey Island

Clementine and I went over to her house to play today.  Here is her sewing room:


And her box o’ shoes:



And some dolly friends, a wooden doll from Germany, and a Magic Attic doll:


Clementine plays while the grownups talk:


Diane had a big pile of awesome backdrops.  This one is Clementine’s favorite:


And two dollies moved out of Diane’s house and into my house!  Miss Gene Marshall and her friends were too mature of an influence for these two:


Dawn and MaryAnne from the Babysitters Club!!  I think they’re gonna love it here at my house!  Here’s their first client:


It’s so exciting to make friends with someone who gets dolly addiction.  I look forward to playing dollies with Diane again sometime soon!



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Valentines Day is this week, so the girls are in pink. I have to work today. It’s raining. The lighting indoors is dim. But here’s a look at what they’re wearing: Jenna in Tutu Cute, Alexi in the brand new Rose of Hearts (shoes from Urban Orange), Brianne in Super Splendiferous, Saila in Ile de Passage, Taryn in Cirque du Monde, Leonie in Tickled Pink.

Will you be my valentine?


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I finally got the girls into Isabelle outfits:


Kit is wearing Isabelle’s performance outfit, Josefina is wearing her fancy dress, and Nikki is wearing Isabelle’s pajamas.  You can see Isabelle peeking over Josefina’s shoulders; she is still wearing the outfit she came in and the jacket that came with her accessories.  Everyone else is wearing all of Isabelle’s mix and match pieces.  That’s all for now.  Have a nice day.



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Maplelea Monday

On my way home from Disney World today.  Here are a few Maplelea photos that I took last week, continuing with the sports theme of the new outfits.  Here are Alexi in Flash Dash, Saila in Prima Ballerina, and Jenna in Soccer Supreme:



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