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The sun is out today!  Leonie’s wearing shorts, and the blue sky behind her looks fake!  The outfit is named Flower Power, and I totally want this look in my size.  The shoes are amazing!

leonie in flower power 001

26 days ’til Maui!

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4 weeks left!

Only 28 days left until Maui! Here’s Addy in Ivy’s Rainbow Romper. Gotta go. Bye.


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Nicki and Marie-Grace are wearing one of my favorite American girl swim outfits ever. It is a 2-in-1 outfit, and it came with everything they’re wearing, including the hat and glasses.


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Impatient with Patience

Patience is finally here!  She’s been in town for 7 days, but the post office is dumb.  She came last Tuesday.  The letter carrier left a card at my door.  I read the card, decided to sign up online for redelivery.  They said I met the deadline for next-day redelivery.  I filled out the card as instructed, taped it to my door, and went to work.  Got home from work and there was a note in my mailbox that they couldn’t leave the package because I needed to fill out the card.  I wrote on that note that I did fill out the card and had taped it to my door.  Went to my mom’s house for 3 days, expected Patience to be at my doorstep when I got home on Saturday.  She was not.  Both the note and the card were gone.  Online tracking still said unable to deliver.  She was finally on my doorstep Monday night after work.

Thanks for allowing me my post office rant.  Now on to Patience!

She’s adorable.  Her eyes move on their own.  They’re weighted, so they only move when you move her.  They don’t move when she’s sitting still–that would be really creepy.  They’re a little creepy as they are, but she gets some adorable peeking-around-the corner expressions, which is why I fell in love with her.

patience 001

This is Garden Party Patience, ready to greet spring.  32 days ’til Maui!



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Today Jenna is wearing a Leonie outfit called Landmark Lore.  The outfit comes with a t-shirt, shorts, sandals and a bag–everything she needs for a day of sightseeing.  In fact, the journal pages that accompany the outfit talk about sightseeing landmarks around Quebec.  Jenna’s ready to go–33 days ’til Hawaii!


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Today I am wearing yellow.  Just like Sheila (Australian Girl doll).  Here’s a not-too-bad selfie.

Marjorie and Sheila 003

34 days ’til Maui!

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Ivy looks adorable in this Julie outfit!  Have a groovy day!


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Henriette is from Kidz n Cats, a limited edition made in Germany.  I took a few photos of her box:

henriette 001

She is a “custom” doll.  That means I got to choose her hair and eye color.  I chose…

henriette 002

She arrived at my house minutes before I had to leave the house, so naturally she came with me on my adventures.

On the ferry…

henriette 003

…to Grandma’s house…

henriette 004

…and on to Seattle!

henriette 006

Henriette arrived in the outfit in the first 2 photos: wrap sweater, turtleneck, scarf, purse, blue tutu, leggings, boots, and blue hair ribbon.  The Kidz n Cats dolls fit in the small Carpatina clothes.  In the last photo Henriette is wearing the Carpatina Camden Street costume.  It looks great with Henriette’s boots!

I had given up on Henriette arriving at all by the time I got the UPS arrival email.  I ordered her from The Toy Shoppe (in Virginia) in September!  She was  a pre-order; I got a phone call shortly after ordering that she’d arrive in late December.  Well, January came, and I got another phone call from The Toy Shoppe.  It said that their shipment of Henriette dollies had arrived, but all the dollies were damaged!  They were going to contact Kidz n Cats to see if new ones could get sent.  I thought this unlikely for a limited edition doll, and after I still hadn’t heard in about a month, I gave up.

But now she’s here!  I don’t know how they fixed her, or if they made more, or whatever.  But she’s here, and she’s beautiful.

PS: 36 more days!

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37 days ’til Maui!

The sun is out!  Here’s Cecile celebrating in the Easy Breezy Outfit.  37 days ’til Maui!


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Countdown: 38 days!

Continuing the countdown to summer, Vanange Analisa is in a dress that feels quite summery:


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