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Here are some photos from my most recent vacation!  I went to Illinois (and a little bit of Iowa) and I brought Chrissa.

First stop: breakfast at Cracker Barrel:

illinois 001

Then we hit the road and headed out to Nauvoo, Illinois.  Nauvoo is a tiny village on the banks of the Mississippi.  It was settled by the Mormons in the 19th century, and they lived there for a few years before they got kicked out and headed to Utah.  The church has since bought back the property and made a really fun historical site.  And it’s free to all visitors!

We started our day with a wagon ride:

illinois 017 illinois 035 illinois 037

We also visited the blacksmith shop:


The blacksmith let Chrissa keep the little horseshoe he made!


Here’s a cute wagon outside the blacksmith shop.  Only the first few families to leave Nauvoo for Utah were able to take advantage of wagons.  They didn’t have enough time or labor to build everyone a wagon.  They also ran out of able horses and oxen.

illinois 039

We also visited the drug store and general store:

illinois 026 illinois 024

Then we went to the brickyard:

illinois 019

They give everyone a free souvenir brick!

illinois 022

Outside the brickyard, we ran into a doll I thought was Caroline, but if you look closer this doll has blue eyes and line brows, so isn’t Caroline.  But she was dressed the same way that my Caroline dressed when we went to Mackinac Island last summer!

illinois 018There was also a cool plow outside the brickyard:

illinois 021

We also made rope and yarn, visited the bakery, watched 2 shows and went to the pageant.  It was a really fun time.  I highly recommend a visit to anyone in the area, church members and not.  It was a fun pioneer village.  Temple’s pretty too:

illinois 045

The temple was rebuilt in 2002, but here’s a sunstone from the original temple, that was torched and then blown off the map by a couple tornadoes:

illinois 044

We stayed 2 nights in Nauvoo, and we headed a few miles down the road to Carthage, Illinois on Friday morning.  Carthage is the county seat of Hancock county.  Joseph Smith was in the jail when he was killed.  The Carthage Jail is now an important historic site for the church.  Here’s a statue of Joseph and his brother Hyrum (also killed at the jail):

illinois 051

Then I begged my friends in the car to cross the river into Iowa.  Iowa is now the 44th state I’ve ever been to.  We ate lunch there:

illinois 054

After lunch we headed back to Chicago.  We spent Saturday at Valarie’s family’s house.  One of her nieces has a very nice hand-me-down Kirsten:

illinois 056

Don’t you love Kirsten’s jacket?  Valarie’s brother took his daughters to a Cub’s game this summer and they gave them away.  The best part: each jacket came with a coupon to give to a friend, and they gave a coupon to me!  The next day I took the coupon to American Girl Place in Chicago and got my own jacket for free!  So cool!!

So on Sunday we went to Chicago.  I didn’t take a lot of photos of Chrissa in Chicago because McKenna has already visited Chicago, but I did take a photo of Chrissa and Chrissa:


And on Monday we headed home.  It was a pretty good vacation.  The weather was very cooperative.  I’m ready to plan my next vacation.  Maybe Canada, maybe one of the 6 states I haven’t seen yet (which are Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama by the way).  That’s in October.  I might try to squeeze in a quick getaway before that.  Stay tuned!


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No, we’re not sad, but we’re wearing blue!

maplelea blue 001

Alexi in Slam Dunk, Leonie in Melody in Blue, Taryn in Summerhill Stroll, Saila in Jenna’s original outfit and Sports Energy Pack (this outfit has recently been through a much-needed update), Jenna in her snowsuit, and Brianne is wearing Taryn’s outfit (which is a bit too pale for Brianne).

I’m going on vacation tomorrow!

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…and it feels so good. Best friends Chrissa, Sonali, and Gwen are finally together again. Chrissa’s even out of the wheelchair! It’s like a miracle!


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Look what my amazing mommy made me for my birthday!

birthday present 004 birthday present 001 birthday present 002 birthday present 003

She used her pretty embroidery machine to make this adorable hot air balloon quilt.  It looks perfect on Molly’s yellow bed, and Saige is going to love it!

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You know I’m a fan of Canada, but this year is the first year I got to be in Canada for Canada Day!  My friend took me to Whistler for my birthday, and I brought Taryn!

Taryn seems very at home in the Whistler area

whistler 001

waiting for brunch

whistler 002

puppy attack!

whistler 005

the Tomahawk restaurant–it claims to be the oldest restaurant in Vancouver

whistler 009

whistler 014

Brandywine Falls

whistler 015

whistler 036

Whistler Olympic Plaza

whistler 058

Exploring Whistler Village

whistler 065

Lost Lake

whistler 066

Lost Lake

whistler 096

Shannon Falls

What a nice birthday.


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