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The girls at my house got a new puppy!  Meet Cinnamon from Maplelea. 

doll days of summer 017

I have decided he is a Golden Doodle, because I think he looks like this real-life puppy named Darwin (not my photo):

He’s a little bit big for Leonie–it makes her a bit nervous, but 23-inch My Twinn Maria loves him!

doll days of summer 015



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A day at the zoo

Yesterday I went to the zoo to practice wildlife photography and improve my photography skills, for a reason that will be revealed in the near future.  I bought a new camera last week, which was step 1 toward better photos.  I still need more practice, but I got some adorable photos that my old camera would not have been able to capture:


And because I’m me, I brought a dolly to the zoo.  Jess came with me, and she was dressed for an adventure

And there are even more!  Check out my flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/95341382@N05/

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Maplelea put stuff on amazon.com! Now we in the US can buy maplelea without worrying about the high costs of international shipping! Check it out! Go to amazon.com, then search for Maplelea. There’s a decent selection of items, but quantities are limited. I imagine that if they are successful, then they’ll add more items in the future, but I don’t really know. Prices are in US dollars, and orders over $40 qualify for free super saver shipping. This is so exciting.

I actually placed a Maplelea order just a couple days before they opened on amazon. Here’s Taryn in Leonie’s Reveillon Red:


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Here’s the end of my color series–6 Maplelea Girls in purple.

maplelea purple 002

Alexi in Positively Peaceful

Jenna in Saila’s outfit

Saila in Flower Power

Brianne in Blueberry Mist

Taryn in Uptown Girl

Leonie in Plum Princess

Which color was your favorite?

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I watched Isabelle’s movie, and I liked it.  There was dancing.  There were dresses.  I loved Isabelle’s Nutcracker look, and I wish they would make that outfit for dolly Isabelle.

Here’s some Isabelle love:

Her new dress.  I love her in pink!


And here’s a handful of dolly dancers.  Thanks to my mommy, I got 3 mini Isabelles from McDonalds!


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