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Caroline is still our newest historical character (I don’t count Samantha’s re-release).  We met her in the fall of 2012, the bicentennial year of the War of 1812.  I think Caroline is a beautiful doll with a beautiful collection.


Back row is Caroline’s travel outfit, her new party outfit, her winter coat, her starter outfit, and her work dress.  Front row is her nightgown, holiday dress, and birthday dress.


Caroline shows off her beautiful ice skates


This is Lanie (who looks a little like Caroline) in the new shiny party dress.


Addy and Inkpot


Samantha and Garnet.  How cool is it that Caroline gets a cow?


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I need to catch up!

I have so many posts I want to make, but no time to make them.  I got back from Manitoba, worked for a week, then went to Disney World!  So I want to do posts about some new dolls I got, new clothes for Maru, new Maplelea outfits, and I want to finish showing off my historical collections.  I still have Caroline, Felicity, and Kaya to show off!  Maybe next week…

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