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Countdown to Grace!

Grace made an appearance on Good Morning America today.  I didn’t watch because I feel like I’ve seen enough of her, and last year’s debut of Isabelle on GMA made me really sad.  (If you didn’t see or don’t remember, there were a lot of sad little girls who did not get to take home an Isabelle doll).  But Grace’s official release is just 23 hours away!

My countdown is at T minus 3 days, and we’re at Girl of the Year 2012 McKenna.  McKenna is a gymnast from Seattle who can’t seem to focus on homework.  Here’s a photo of McKenna in her fancy dress:

I actually don’t seem to have any photos of McKenna in McKenna’s clothes, except for this one that I took yesterday.  Oh well.  McKenna is the first Girl of the Year that I bought at the Seattle store, but like this year, I couldn’t get her on the first because I was working.  By the time I did get her (I think it was Jan 5, but I’m not positive) a couple of her outfits and her beam and bar were sold out!  I hope everything I want for Grace is still available when I go to the store this year on the 3rd.


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4 more days

4 days left of my countdown!

Girl of the Year 2011 was Kanani.  Probably the prettiest Girl of the Year ever!

And I can’t talk about Kanani without some photos from our trip to Maui.  I miss Maui.

The end.

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I’m going to American Girl on Saturday!  I’m going to American Girl on Saturday!

Hosting our countdown tonight is Lanie, Girl of the Year 2010.  She is wearing Samantha’s new Frilly Frock:

And here’s a photo from 2010 when Lanie first arrived at my house:


An interesting fact about my Lanie: she was the first American Girl to be delivered to my current address.  Lanie and Grace are both from Massachusetts!  Lanie is from Cambridge.  We don’t know where Grace is from yet…but we will soon!

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6 days to go!

I’m going to American Girl in 6 days!  To celebrate Girl of the Year 2015, here’s Chrissa (girl of the year 2009) and her 2 best friends.  2009 was the only year we got more than one doll of the year.  The word on the street is that the concept was a flop and will most likely not be repeated.  Whatever.

My weird new camera thought this photo would look better in sepia. Whatever.

Heres a photo from when I got Gwen (this year!) of all three girls in the dresses they came in:


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One week to go!

This time next week I will be on my way to American Girl!

celebrating today is Mia, girl of the year 2008.

And how ’bout a group photo from when Mia first arrived?

I got Mia, Julie, and Ivy all at the same time when I arrived home from school on winter break in January 2008. Nicki is absent from this photo, she was holding down the fort at school.

PS: I updated my AG wish list because I got a few items for Christmas!

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Merry Christmas!

Hello!  I missed a couple countdown days because I was celebrating Christmas!  No worries, I’ll catch up.  Today we’re at 8 days to go, celebrating with Nicki, Girl of the Year 2007.

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In just 11 days I’ll be going to the American Girl store to pick out my next dolly!  I saw some legit pictures of her and her stuff today, and I like her.  I already have plans to take her to Epcot and fake France.  She’s gonna come in a tshirt that says Paris Je t’aime and she’ll have travel-themed accessories.  Sounds right up my alley!

Celebrating today in our countdown is Jess, Girl of the Year 2006.  She’s wearing Ivy’s New Year dress, which is a sad reminder of Ivy’s tiny, now retired collection.  (moment of silence in honor of Ivy).

And a photo of Jess being Jess in the jungle of my landscaping:

jess 005

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