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Finally, the last chapter of what I got for Christmas!

My mommy has been hunting on ebay lately, and she found me 4 retired American Girl outfits!  Four!!!!  Chrissa is modeling a Halloween costume from the late 90s, Felicity is in her Spring Dress and Pinner Apron, Kirsten is in her work dress, and Samantha is in her bathing costume!  So cute!

So that’s what my dollies got for Christmas.  I got a kayak and a unicorn wearing Lederhosen.  Pretty great Christmas,  I’m a little ashamed that I will still have a Christmas tree up in February.  I wanted to leave it up for a little bit past new years, but then January slipped away from me, and I’m leaving for vacation on Tuesday, and yeah, the tree will still be up in February.  Oh well.  It’s a really pretty tree!

Merry Christmas!

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My auntie got me a dolly!  Her dolly!  She is an Arranbee bride doll, about 14 inches tall, all plastic, hair of mohair.  Auntie got her from her grandma, in the year 1948 or so.  Her white dress is now a lovely shade of cream and her sleep eyes are really sticky, but she’s gorgeous!

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Let’s start with a photo I found on Google:

It’s little, but you get the point!

Now, I mentioned that my mommy asked me to bring Kirsten to her house on Saturday.  She received a late Christmas present:

She’s dressed like the Little Girl in a Pale Pink Coat from the Lonely Goatherd puppet show in the Sound of Music!  Do you know why I’m so excited for this?  Because for actual Christmas, I got a dress to match!

My mommy made costumes for me and my sister to wear to Sing A Long A Sound of Music!  We went last year and wanted to participate in the costume parade this year, and my mommy stepped up to the challenge!  I knew the human sized costumes were coming when Mommy said she found the fabric, but the dolly dress was a surprise.  I had a guess when I heard the suggestion to bring Kirsten, and I’m glad my guess was good.

So I brought Kirsten to the Sing Along!  And we stopped at a bar on the way there.  Yeah, we got carded.

dolly in a bar

It was hard to photograph inside the theater, but she really was there:

It was so much fun, even though we didn’t win the costume contest!

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Grace is here!  I bought her on Saturday, and we just got home today!

I took Kirsten with me to the store (my mom told me to bring Kirsten…I’ll tell you why in a different post), and we dressed alike:

I went to the store on a Saturday, which means I had a long wait for a bus.  I grabbed a photo of Kirsten at the beach while I was waiting:

We made it to the store eventually.  Here’s a blurry photo of Kirsten and cardboard Grace:

And here’s actual Grace!

We stayed the night at my mommy’s house.  Grace put on her coat:

And took her puppy out of its crate:

We spent the next night at my friend’s house, and her son (he’ll be 4 on Wednesday) wouldn’t stop rolling Grace’s suitcase around the house and helped me change her clothes twice.  It was adorable.

Grace and I are finally home today, so she got to meet her new family:

I think Grace is awesome.  I can’t wait to join her on a travel adventure or two.

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I’m going to American Girl tomorrow!

I’m really excited by all the photos I have seen of Grace. I think she’s really cute and can’t wait until tomorrow.

So today let’s say goodbye to Girl of the Year 2014 Isabelle.  I took this photo a few days ago.  It’s Isabelle’s fancy dress that she designed herself!  So much talent in one so vinyl!

And here’s a photo from the day I got Isabelle:

isabelle's debut 009

And her studio (that seems cheap after this year’s $500 bakery!):

isabelle's studio 003

And remember earlier this month when we went to the ballet?

Overall, I think Isabelle is a little bit boring.  I can’t believe I’m calling a doll with pink hair boring, but she’s still just a blond ballerina.  I think her hair should be pinker!

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2 days to go!

I’m going to American Girl the day after tomorrow! And some girls get to go today!  Happy Girl of the Year day! At 2 days to go, we are at Girl of the Year 2013 Saige.  Saige might be my favorite girl of the year, but it’s hard for me to pick favorites.

Saige is still celebrating the holidays in her fancy dress:

And this is a photo of Saige the day I got her:


And Saige and I went to balloon fiesta in Albuquerque last October:

Okay, it’s late, and the site isn’t quite cooperating, so I’m gonna sign out.  Adios!

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