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How’s it going?

First, I’d like to apologize¬†for the lack of recent dolly posts. I thought it might be nice to share what I’ve been up to.¬† Here are some photos from my iPhone’s camera roll, a nice little review of 2015 so far!

January 1, we meet Grace

January 3, Sing-a-long Sound of Music

January 18, weekend getaway to Portland

January 28, Disney Cruise

February 10, bowling with friends

February 14, day trip to Vancouver

February 20, a chicken on the bus (anyone recognize her?)

March 1, Jenna gets a boat

March 10, Disneyland with a coworker

March 11, ran into Jenna at the John Wayne Airport

March 28, a trip to Portland with friends

April 11, three-day weekend in Disney World

April 16, took the Jeopardy test

April 21, another quick trip to Disneyland

April 25, Drill Team competition

May 5, Phantom of the Opera

May 10, Half Marathon in Kirkland

May 15, Grace gets her ears pierced

May 20, day at the beach

May 24, long weekend in Denver

and that brings us to today, the first day off I’ve spent at home in ages!

So what have you been up to?

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