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Vacation Report Day 2

I woke up after my first night aboard to this:

That’s Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island.  We arrived at about 8:30 in the morning and were called back aboard by 4:30.  That’s a whole lotta beach time.

I’m not capable of that many hours on the beach, so I had plans to walk all of the island’s trails in addition to beach time.  I was excited to hear about the Castaway Cay 5K, which had no charge to enter and gave out medals!  It’s available every day that there’s a boat at Castaway Cay.

I walked the “race” in my Salt Water Sandals with my dolly backpack.  I came in last.  But I still got my medal!

We showed off our race swag to Minnie:

Then we grabbed a tram over to the adult-only area.  (I’m glad Grace is considered an adult in this case).  I found a hammock and read some of my book:

Grace wanted to go for a swim, but I reminded her that the water was cold and she didn’t know how to swim and she’d probably go blind…

…so she was content to lounging on a beach chair

After a while it was finally lunch time!  This was probably the only time I was hungry on the whole cruise, as I had burnt off breakfast during the 5K.  I was excited for the barbecue, but again the food was painfully average.  We ate better at the dining hall in college.

After lunch we hiked the other trail:

The trail ended at a little beach:

By the time we were finished hiking, the adult beach on the north side of the island was all in the shade and was too cold, so I found a quiet-ish place at one of the family beaches:

And from this spot I finished reading my book, then wandered back to the boat, pausing for a bunch of photos:

Including these guys right outside the boat:

And then it was back on the boat.  By the time evening came, I was cold (70 degrees and breezy), so I took some hot tub time and then prepared for dinner.  Grace went to bed early.  She didn’t wanna repeat last night’s soda fiasco, and she was tired from all the hiking we did around the island.

Tonight’s towel animal stole my sunglasses!

The show this evening was Toy Story the Musical, which I really wanted to like because I love both Toy Story and musicals, but it was pretty lame.  I grabbed a photo with Daisy after the show:

And dinner tonight was at Triton’s, which was nicely decorated with a Little Mermaid theme.  The food was French-inspired, but again mediocre.

And that was day 2.  Let’s close with one more photo from the island:

Stay tuned for day 3!

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