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Today I am wearing yellow.  Just like Sheila (Australian Girl doll).  Here’s a not-too-bad selfie.

Marjorie and Sheila 003

34 days ’til Maui!


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Dolly A-Z: Sheila

My most favorite doll that I bought this year is Sheila, who is actually Australian Girl Emily.  I love her little face and her fat little arms and her give-me-a-hug body.  Today she is wearing the Celtic Princess dress from Carpatina:

sheila 002

And here are some photos from previous posts about Sheila:

Emily 005 Emily 004 Emily 001 the day after dolly day 021School Girl Outfit20130410-111022.jpg 20130410-111015.jpg

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Look who can fit into the larger size Carpatina clothes! Australian Girls! Let me tell a little story about how I made this discovery:

The official site for clothes for Australian Girl dolls is called Tillie’s Aussie Doll Clothes. (http://aussiedollclothes.com.au/). I’ve looked at this site a few times, but there were no outfits special enough to justify shipping from Australia. But, I recognized some of the outfits as Carpatina outfits! There was a small chance that Carpatina made outfits specially for Australian Girl, but there was a larger chance that the large size Carpatina outfits would fit Australian Girl (especially since the outfits my mom made from Carpatina patterns fit pretty well–check out my Yay! It fits! Post). So I bought a bunch, 9 in total. If they didn’t fit Sheila, I knew they’d fit 37 other dolls in my house! Some, like the dress in the photo, have matching dresses in Carpatina Julia’s size, but others are only made in the American Girl size. And they fit Australian Girl dolls! Now I just need to get Sheila some new shoes (I ordered some this morning. I got them from moniques.com. The 85 mm fit her best. Choices are limited for her fat feet, so I just got some basic Mary Janes in black, white, and silver.) I’ll be sure to show you more of these beautiful dresses in the future.


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Brianne wants to be a ballerina, and she also does Ukranian dancing.  Jenna does Highland dancing.  Dolly dancing!  Delightful!

012 011 010 004

the day after dolly day 024

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Yay! It fits!

Sheila started to try on some dolly clothes today. The American Girl things actually fit her okay. Sleeves and pants were short, and everything was pretty snug. Remembering that the outfits mommy made were a little long and loose, she tried them on! And she loves them! They are still a teensy bit short in length and sleeve, but still really fantastic. She has now stolen these two outfits from Ivy and Rebecca. Now we just need to find shoes for Sheila’s fat little feet. (Though her white flip flops are fairly neutral).



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Here’s a picture I took this week that shows the diversity of my doll collection.

everyone 001

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Maru is a young Latina girl who moves to the United States to live with her aunt and uncle, where she waits for her parents to be able to come to the US too.  That’s based on a true story from the doll’s creator.  She came with a little picture book telling her story (better than Analisa’s book in my opinion).  I also got her friend Raven because I thought her outfit was cute.  (you can meet Maru and all of her friends at http://maruandfriends.com/)

Like the other 2 dolls I got today, they are 20 inches tall.  They are entirely vinyl.  They have teeny tiny heads and feet.  And narrow shoulders.  And kinda big bellies.  I really like the clothes they came in.  It’s fun to have so many pieces.  Maru has a hat and scarf and vest and sweater and skirt and tights and boots and a purse.  Raven has a shirt and a sweater and a skirt and knee socks and shoes.  And they sell clothes on the website.  And right now shipping is free.  I’m just not sure about their awkward body shape though.

Picture time!

maru and friends 001 maru and friends 002 maru and friends 003 maru and friends 004 maru and friends 005 maru and friends 006

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