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I think Tabitha wins the “Most Loved” title in my house full of dollies.  I stole her from my sister when I was about 3.  We were inseparable for quite a few years, and she’s still around.  She’s been wearing a Brownie uniform for about 15 years.  I bought it for Molly because it said it was for 18-inch dolls, but the large waistband make it much more suitable for Cabbage Patch Kids.  And I think it’s fitting that Tabitha, my Chocolate Baby (that’s what I called her when I was 3), is wearing a Brownie uniform.

dolly t-z 001

I’m pretty sure Tabitha is the reason why this Bitty Twin is my favorite:

dolly t-z 002

I think I’m gonna go to the store and get brownies now.  Have a nice day.

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Dolly A-Z: Cindy

You met her brother last week, and here she is!

dolly c-d 008

And let’s chat about the Bitty Twins, shall we?

dolly c-d 009

I got my Bitty Twins at the end of summer in 2009 on a last-minute trip to Chicago (long story).  At the same time, I bought a set for my friend’s daughter, who would be turning 4 a few months later (blond girl and brunette girl).  I also bought all the Bitty Twin outfits currently available.  I seriously thought I would be able to fit all of it in my carry-on luggage.  In case you were wondering, you cannot fit 4 dolls in their boxes in a carry-on bag!  But, the American Girl stores will ship items home for you.  So, I took my set of twins and one extra outfit on the plane with me, and shipped everything else home.  And since I was shipping things anything, I bought my favorite four-year-old the enormous double stroller!

I loved the original bitty twins (with the shorter hair), but as soon as these two cuties with their little afros entered the scene, I had to work toward making them mine.  I waited until I had a steady paycheck to make that happen.  I was able to get a ton of outfits for fair prices on ebay back then.  The same is not true today.  The selection is pretty slim.  I’m glad I bought them then, so there are only a couple outfits that I want and don’t have.

My bitty twins live in my bedroom, occasionally on my bed, but usually next to the TV.

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Dolly A-Z: Bobby

My Bitty Twins are named Bobby and Cindy, though they look nothing like the youngsters on the Brady Bunch. Bobby would like to wish you a Happy Labor Day.


And since one Bitty Twin looks lonely without the other:


We were going to walk all the way to the marina to photograph the twins in their Nautical outfits, but it was 75 degrees yesterday (hot for us Washingtonians), so we only made it halfway.

Since Labor Day is unofficially the Last Day of Summer, I think I will change the dollies out of their summer clothes today.  Goodbye and have a nice day.

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Here’s a picture I took this week that shows the diversity of my doll collection.

everyone 001

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The Bitty Twins are dressed for Christmas now.  On a related note, I sent my mom my amazon wishlist.  On it are all the mini dolls I don’t have, Caroline’s paper dolls, all the Pullips I could find on amazon, and of course Hearts for Hearts girls.


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