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Dolly A-Z: Dell

Today we meet Dell from Hearts for Hearts. When I first saw Dell, I HATED her clothes, but as it turns out I love her. Her face, freckles, and eyes lured me in. All Hearts for Hearts girls have a cause, and I think Dell’s cause is out-of-work coal miners in Appalachia?

Here’s the closeup of the face I fell in love with:


And since Dell loves music:

dolly c-d 017

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I went to 2 Targets and a Toys R Us on Thursday and I found Rahel, Consuelo, and Dell. I only need 3 more (and all 3 are out if stock on Amazon). I hope I can find them. I really want Zelia because I have a jacket just like hers (last picture). So here are Rahel, Consuelo, And Dell




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