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Dolly A-Z: Dita

Dita is not my favorite Pullip, but I got her for a good price.

Here are some photos of her indoors and out:

the day after dolly day 003

dolly c-d 022


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7 days of Pullip–day 7

It’s the last day of Pullips.  Here’s Dita.  She’s showing off that she can wink.

the day after dolly day 003

I’m gonna start a new feature tomorrow, and I think it will be AWESOME!

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A little Pullip

I’ve mentioned the Pullips, but haven’t yet featured them here. They are from a company called Jun planning. If I recall they are a Korean company that sold to Japan. Therefore they are hard to find and expensive. I fell in love with them the moment I saw them. They are super poseable and their eyes move by levers on the back of their heads; reminiscent of Kenner dolls of the 1970s.

I have 7, and I think that’s enough, unless I find good deals on more. This is Dita. She looks like strawberry shortcake.


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