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Spring Pearl is a Girls from Many Lands doll.  She is from Shanghai, and her books were written by Lawrence Yep, who also wrote the Mia books and the new Isabelle books!

Doesn’t she look gorgeous in front of American Girl’s Winter Fun Scene?

spring pearl 001


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Dolly A-Z: Saba

Here is a beautiful photo of Saba, from Girls of Many Lands.  She’s Ethiopian.  So pretty.


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Dolly A-Z: Neela

This beautiful girl is Neela, a Girl of Many Lands from India, 1939.

neela 001

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Dolly A-Z: Minuk

Meet Minuk, from Girls of Many Lands.  She lives in Alaska in 1870.  Missionaries come to live in her village and Minuk enjoys learning some of their ways, while keeping some Yup’ik ways.  Her world is changing, and Minuk finds it quite exciting.  Unfortunately, with change, comes disease.  Yup, like the flu.  Everyone gets the flu and dies.

Seriously.  I was reading it with my 7-year-old friend, and I fear that she’s still a bit traumatized.  For your peace of mind, I will tell you that Minuk stays alive, and a few other characters do too, but a lot die.  The Girls of Many Lands are definitely for a more mature American Girl.

minuk 001

Minuk is an absolutely gorgeous doll!

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Dolly A-Z: Leyla

Today’s doll is Leyla, from Girls of Many Lands. Leyla is from Turkey, and is kidnapped to live in the harem of the Sultan. The palace eventually discovers her gift for gardening, and she grows tulips for the Sultan.

I took her photo this morning outside in the fog, next to an out-of-proportion tulip that my sissy brought me from Holland.

leyla 001

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Kathleen is from Girls of Many Lands. Her story is about learning to Irish dance, and the class division in her Catholic school in 1937 Dublin.

She is delightful.

010 011

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Dolly A-Z: Isabel

Isabel is a doll from American Girl’s short-lived Girls of Many Lands line. She is about 10 inches tall, and came with a book. The Girls of Many Lands books are written at a 6th grade level, and I love them. Isabel lives in Elizabethan England. Thanks to modern technology, I was able to put her photo in front of a photo of the Globe Theatre. I thought she’d like that.


I think I’ll experiment more with these photo backdrops.  I didn’t use photoshop, I just plugged my computer into the TV, then took a photo of the doll standing in front of the TV.  Way less work than photoshop.

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