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Dolly A-Z: Cecile

I have 2 dolls named Cecile! Today’s Cecile is from Girls of Many Lands, a line put out by American Girl in the early 2000s. I featured all of the dolls in the blog a couple weeks ago, but here’s a new photo of Cecile.

cecile 006

Cecile lives in 18th century France, and she is pulled from her country life to live in the court of Louis XIV.  My French history is pretty weak, but that’s before Marie Antoinette, but at this point there’s still a huge gap in the lives of the commoner and the lives at court.  Revolution is approaching.


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Girls of Many Lands

This is a great ebay find I picked up a while ago. All 8 dolls with stands and the shelf they’re standing on for $150. I then picked up their books on amazon for about a penny a piece. I haven’t read all of the books yet, but so far I love them. They are a more mature American Girl (I think they’re at a 6th grade reading level). I don’t wanna spoil the stories, but in the book I just finished reading aloud to Becky’s kids, pretty much everyone dies of illness. Some of the girls are thinking about marriage, Leyla lives in a harem…much less “and they all lived happily ever after” than Molly, Samantha, Felicity and all their colleagues. Let’s meet them!


girls of many lands 002

Isabel lives in Elizabethan England.  I read her book first, and it is still my favorite.  It is surprisingly action-packed.  In her book, we learn about early medicine, and theatre, and even falconry.


girls of many lands 009

Cecile is basically kidnapped to serve in the court of King Louis XIV.


girls of many lands 003

I found Leyla’s book very educational, because I know basically nothing about the Ottoman Empire.  Leyla lives in a harem and grows tulips.  I like tulips.


girls of many lands 004

So far Saba’s story has been my least favorite–it just didn’t spark my interest.  The most interesting thing I learned about Ethiopia is how early they adopted Christianity.

Spring Pearl

girls of many lands 006

Spring Pearl has my favorite outfit, and her story was pretty interesting.  She lives in Canton, 1857, and the city is being attacked by the British.  In the Author’s Note at the end of the book, the author (Laurence Yep) informs us that his ancestors immigrated to America in that decade, so feels a special connection to Spring Pearl’s family.


girls of many lands 007

Minuk lives in Alaska in the 1870s.  Missionaries come to settle in her village, and I really liked comparing their lifestyle to that of rural Alaska.


girls of many lands 005

I haven’t read Kathleen’s book yet.  She is an Irish dancer in the 1930s.  Judging by ebay prices, she is by far the most popular doll.  I remember being really excited about her when she came out–I think Riverdance was really popular then.  If I recall, she was the last of the Girls of Many Lands to be released, and was only available for a short time before they retired all of the dolls.


girls of many lands 008

I haven’t read Neela’s book yet either, but she lives in India in the era of its struggle for independence from Britain.

And that’s everyone.

girls of many lands 001

The dolls are good, but I really like these books, and think that everyone who likes the American Girl books should read these books too.  You can find them used on amazon for cheap, and I even saw them at our teeny-tiny library.

Which one is your favorite?


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