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6 days to go!

I’m going to American Girl in 6 days!  To celebrate Girl of the Year 2015, here’s Chrissa (girl of the year 2009) and her 2 best friends.  2009 was the only year we got more than one doll of the year.  The word on the street is that the concept was a flop and will most likely not be repeated.  Whatever.

My weird new camera thought this photo would look better in sepia. Whatever.

Heres a photo from when I got Gwen (this year!) of all three girls in the dresses they came in:



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Josefina is from New Mexico.  New Mexico in 1824, which was still part of Mexico.  I think her clothing is pretty awesome.  I heard a rumor that she’s getting new outfits next spring, along with a Beforever journey book.

Group photo:


Kanani looks like una santa in Josefina’s holiday outfit:


Nicki in Josefina’s Spencer Jacket:


My mommy made this nightgown!  Here’s a photo of Chrissa wearing it while hugging Sombrita:


A Gwen le gusta el sombrero y el vestido del verano:


Kaya looks really nice in Josefina’s vest dress:


I can never remember if this dress is called the feast dress or the fiesta dress.  Either way, here’s Josefina and her oven:



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Sorry it’s been a while.  I was in Disneyland.  It’s time for Addy!

forever samantha and addy 033

Ruthie in Addy’s Nightgown, Marisol in Sunday Best, Kit in the new Addy outfit, Nicki in the new school suit, Kailey in winter coat and hat, Caroline in Christmas dress, Elizabeth in Flower Picking dress, Felicity in Plaid Summer Dress, Samantha in Addy’s dress, Addy in her birthday pinafore, Gwen in the striped dress, and Nellie in the summer dress

Here’s more!  Kit is having trouble pulling off Addy’s new bonnet:

forever samantha and addy 043

Nicki in Addy’s beautiful new school suit:

forever samantha and addy 031

Caroline looking gorgeous in Addy’s Tartan Christmas Dress:

forever samantha and addy 035

Marisol in Addy’s purple Sunday Best Dress:

forever samantha and addy 042

Elizabeth and Felicity:

forever samantha and addy 039

I think Addy is a lucky girl because she has a mother who is a dressmaker.  I doubt many escaped slaves had clothes as nice as Addy’s.  But they are gorgeous, aren’t they?

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Say hello to Samantha, the first American Girl to come back from retirement!  Here is my Samantha collection:

forever samantha and addy 001

I can see my mother rolling her eyes at my third dolly bicycle, but I couldn’t resist free shipping!

Here’s Samantha in the winter coat that came out around the same time as Samantha’s movie:

forever samantha and addy 007

Marisol looks sensational in Samantha’s Cranberry Party Dress:

forever samantha and addy 008

Here’s Gwen in the new winter coat:

forever samantha and addy 009

Samantha’s bike is really beautiful.  Critics say it’s too modern, but someone on the dolly boards found a vintage advertisement for a bicycle that came in vermilion, and safety bicycles were first designed in 1876 according to Wikipedia.  Mia looks gorgeous in the pink hair ribbon and turquoise-accented blouse:

forever samantha and addy 010

Here’s Caroline in Samantha’s new meet dress (which I think is pretty mediocre) and Kanani in the Frilly Frock…

forever samantha and addy 014

…that I think is amazing!

forever samantha and addy 015

Nellie looks quite sophisticated in the dress she borrowed from Samantha:

forever samantha and addy 023

Molly, Marie-Grace, and Jess chillin in sleepwear:

forever samantha and addy 027

Rebecca models Samantha’s new holiday set:

forever samantha and addy 028

Poor Kaya is dressed to be shipped off to boarding school:

forever samantha and addy 003

And Kirsten borrows Nellie’s dress, which happens to be her favorite color:

forever samantha and addy 004

Best Friends Forever Elizabeth and Felicity display timeless beauty:

forever samantha and addy 024

I have mixed feelings about Samantha’s return.  Her new collection is very pink, but I’m eager to see future releases.  Who wants to share their favorite Samantha outfit, new or retired?

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…and it feels so good. Best friends Chrissa, Sonali, and Gwen are finally together again. Chrissa’s even out of the wheelchair! It’s like a miracle!


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Today the dollies are pretending they’re in New Mexico.  Whether historic or contemporary, here are the girls in the collections of Josefina and Saige.

005 003

And because it’s awesome, how ’bout a photo from a real trip to New Mexico (October 2013):

Albuquerque 311


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I got 3 new dollies today!  I thought about giving each of them a separate post, but for now decided to introduce you to all of them right now.

three new dollies today 017

Meet Maria, Gwen, and Marta!

Let’s start with Marta.  She’s from Spain!  A company called Paola Reina, which just opened up sales in North America.  They pride themselves on being entirely European-made.  I’ve been admiring Marta for a few months now, and all the dolls in the Las Reinas de Paola line.  Marta is my favorite because of her adorable freckles!

three new dollies today 007

And she is gorgeous.  It was looking a little dicey when I got her out of the shipping box:

three new dollies today 001

Yeah.  Her face is under there somewhere.  And her shoe is supposed to be on her foot.  I actually had to sew a button back on the shoe so it would stay on.  I wonder how long my sewing skills will hold up.

I got her out of the box, tidied up her hair, took off the heavy fur pieces (maybe she’ll put them back when winter rolls around), and got her outside for a lovely photo:

three new dollies today 023

I didn’t buy Marta immediately because she is so big!  Check out this photo of her making Karito Kids Lulu look tiny.  Until today, Lulu was my tallest doll.

three new dollies today 016

So I bought Marta a friend.  She’s a My Twinn doll and I named her Maria.  My Twinn has switched from the larger 24 inch dolls to 18 inch dolls that can wear American Girl clothes, but they have a few of the big dolls left called “Adopt a Friend”.  You have to flip through about 60 pages of dolly mugshots to choose your Friend.  I think I ended up with the one who looks the least like me.


She’s a bit weird, with huge shoulders:

three new dollies today 013

Watch her dwarf poor Addy:

three new dollies today 014

She even makes Australian Girl Sheila, who I affectionately call Fattie because of her thick arms and legs, look small:

three new dollies today 015

But her face is lovely, and I can tell she and Marta will be great friends:

three new dollies today 020

Last but not least, is Gwen!

three new dollies today 024

Gwen is my 32nd American Girl doll, which means I now have all of them.  Every historical character.  Every Girl of the Year.  Every doll with a name.  I have them all.

Gwen is one of Chrissa’s best friends.  I didn’t buy her when she was first out because back in 2009 I only had 9 American Girl dolls, and I already had 2 with blond hair and brown eyes (Julie and Kailey).  31 dolls later, and I still only have those 2 with blond hair and brown eyes.  I now have 9 dolls with blond hair: 3 brown-eyed, 3 blue-eyed, 2 hazel-eyed, and 1 green-eyed.  Gwen is only my 5th doll with bangs (or more if you count Lanie, Lindsey, and Nellie’s wispy bangs, but I don’t).   Now is a great time for Gwen to join my dolly family.  I’m so glad she’s here!

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