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Last weekend I went to the Big Island of Hawai’i.  It was my first time to the Big Island.  It was my first weekend trip to Hawaii.  And it was totally awesome.  I wish I could go to Hawaii every weekend.

Kailey joined me for the adventure.  We scored 1st class upgrades!  I say “we” because on the first flight, they couldn’t find anyone to sit next to me, so Kailey got her own first class seat!  I imagine that is extremely rare for dollies.

On these short trips, I make it a requirement to get to the destination as early as possible.  In this case, it meant a layover in Oakland.

I got to sit in first class for the next, longer, flight, but Kailey had to sit on my lap.  We could see the cockpit!

I learned that they lock the pilot and officer in the cockpit when in flight, and when one of them wants to get out to stretch their legs or use the facilities, one of the flight attendants acts as bodyguard and passengers are not allowed to pass.  I doubt a 92-pound flight attendant is much of a match for a terrorist, but I suppose if she can lift 50 pounds over her head like it says in her job requirements…

Also from this seat I was required to listen to flight attendant gossip.  I don’t wanna stereotype all flight attendants, but this particular one was not the sharpest crayon in the box.  I am now considering investing in noise-cancelling headphones.

The flying is the unpleasant part of a weekend in paradise, but even that isn’t so bad.  We arrived safely and on time, and were soon at our hotel, the Royal Kona Resort.  It used to be a Hilton or some other big name property, and you could tell that it used to be quite fine.  Now it’s really showing it’s age, but for the price I paid it was amazing.  Here’s the view from part of our balcony:

I say “part of our balcony” because I scored a gigantic corner room with a king-size bed.  I booked a volcano-view room, which is the cheapest room choice available, but I got a balcony that wrapped around the corner of the building.  One side had a volcano view (which for most of the trip was a fog view), and the other side had a partial ocean view!  The above photo is looking straight ahead, at the neighboring hotel, and our hotel’s swimming lagoon.  Turn your head to the left and lean out a teeny bit and you could see the entire ocean!

As hard as it was to get off the beach chair on the balcony, we headed out for a late lunch, stopping for a photo at the koi pond.

After lunch, as I was deciding what to explore next, I fell asleep.  Work the day before was really awful, so I kinda needed it.  But I woke up in time to watch the sunset by the lagoon.

There aren’t a lot of sandy beaches on the Big Island, so it was nice that our hotel had a private lagoon.  The water was sheltered from the surf, nice and calm.  It was super hard to walk along the bottom, but I doggie paddled my way along to a rock on which to sit and watch the sunset (Kailey watched from a nice dry lounge chair).

I considered eating dinner after sunset, but went to sleep instead.

The next morning we embarked on a guided tour to Volcano National Park.  It’s about a 3 hour drive from Kona (can you say boring?), but we made several stops along the way, and the guide told stories, so it wasn’t boring at all.  Our first stop was lunch at a coffee farm.  As a Mormon I have zero interest in coffee, and lunch was super boring, but the farm had a lovely view.

Next stop was a black sand beach.  It was pretty awesome.

We eventually made it to the volcano.  We took a short hike through the forest and through a lava tube (which is a fancy name for a cave) and then got dinner.

After dinner it was dark out, so we went to watch the volcano glow in the dark.  It was really hard to photograph, and not quite as spectacular as I imagined.

And that was it.  The next morning I had to head to the airport.  And I had to leave much earlier than I would have liked because the shuttle company made me.  I had to wait at the airport for 3 hours before my flight.  Which was totally lame because the airport was super small.  No good food.  No good shopping.  But a cute sculpture:

I was totally bummed that I missed out on 1.5-2 hours of beach time (or perhaps lunch time) and spent it instead at an airport.  But as one of my facebook friends says about Hawaii, “two days are better than zero days”!

And here’s one final photo.  Bon voyage!


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I picked up all the new BeForever outfits a few weeks ago, immediately after they were released.  Now they’re all on sale for about 20% off.  Sigh.  But these photos I took may benefit some of you who are thinking about grabbing these items now that they are on sale.  I was gonna post a really clever story about all of them, but I ran out of energy.  I’m pretty sure I have pneumonia, because everything inside my rib cage is aching as if I’ve done hours of heavy lifting (I haven’t).

So enough complaining, and on to the photos I took a couple weeks ago!

Ivy in Julie’s coat and beret:

Kirsten in Julie’s skateboard outfit:

Mia in Julie’s Maxi Dress:

Kailey showing off Julie’s new sunglasses (she dropped Julie’s tie-dye bag behind the TV…I think I’m gonna have to punish her):

Lindsey in Julie’s Funky Flower Outfit:

Ruthie in Kit’s Springtime dress:

McKenna with Kit’s new overalls and chicken:

Isabelle in Rebecca’s bathing suit:

Julie in her holiday dress and egg chair:

Nellie in Samantha’s Special Day dress:

Felicity in Samantha’s dress:

Chrissa in Samantha’s travel set (and Samantha’s old dress):

Saige in Samantha’s Flower Picking outfit (and the hat from her hairstyling set):

Addy’s new dress:

Marie-Grace in Addy’s sewing dress:

Kaya’s new shawl outfit:

There are some really great outfits in this set.  My first thoughts were “nice, but I wish they didn’t cost so much.”  The sale prices make them just about right.  Not exactly a bargain (like $55 Julie doll from the today show), but a fair price.  I wonder how long these “limited edition” outfits will be around.  I’m also surprised Caroline and Josefina got left out for this release.  Are they on their way out?  While I would be sad to see them go, I hear we’re getting new historical characters soon!  We’ll talk more about that later.  So long for now!

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Today we continue with last night’s countdown with Kailey, who was a limited edition American Girl released in the summer of 2003.  (By the way, the countdown is at 13 days to go until Saturday, January 3, the first chance I will have to get to the American Girl store to see Girl of the Year 2015).

Here are 2 photos of Kailey: today wearing this year’s holiday dress and a photo of her at the beach in the outfit she came in.

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Sorry it’s been a while.  I was in Disneyland.  It’s time for Addy!

forever samantha and addy 033

Ruthie in Addy’s Nightgown, Marisol in Sunday Best, Kit in the new Addy outfit, Nicki in the new school suit, Kailey in winter coat and hat, Caroline in Christmas dress, Elizabeth in Flower Picking dress, Felicity in Plaid Summer Dress, Samantha in Addy’s dress, Addy in her birthday pinafore, Gwen in the striped dress, and Nellie in the summer dress

Here’s more!  Kit is having trouble pulling off Addy’s new bonnet:

forever samantha and addy 043

Nicki in Addy’s beautiful new school suit:

forever samantha and addy 031

Caroline looking gorgeous in Addy’s Tartan Christmas Dress:

forever samantha and addy 035

Marisol in Addy’s purple Sunday Best Dress:

forever samantha and addy 042

Elizabeth and Felicity:

forever samantha and addy 039

I think Addy is a lucky girl because she has a mother who is a dressmaker.  I doubt many escaped slaves had clothes as nice as Addy’s.  But they are gorgeous, aren’t they?

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only 11 days left until Maui!  Let’s have a countdown of swimwear.  Here’s Kailey in the first Girl of Today swimsuit.  She also has a snorkel, mask, fins, and towel.

beach day 009

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Let’s Celebrate!

Today I post photos of the New Orleans-themed celebration going on at my house.  I guess the dolls figured a celebration is needed because Cecile and I made it home safely from New Orleans.




Pictured are Cecile in Marie-Grace’s party dress and Kailey in the fancy dress and some accessories for a Mardi Gras celebration, which are from Cecile and Marie-Grace’s collection.  They are showing off their new banquet table and treats.  Everything on the table came with the table, including the glassware.  The backdrop is from American Girl too.

I would like to challenge everybody to celebrate this week.  Throw a party for no good reason.  Do something that makes you happy.  Life is a gift.  No matter how icky things get, you can find something good.  Celebrate that something.  I’m going to Disney World–Where Dreams Come True.  What are your dreams?

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Dolly A-Z: Kailey

I had my first look of Kailey on July 1, 2003 (That’s my birthday!) I had to buy her. I love her highlighted blond hair.

In Kailey’s book she loves going to the beach, discovers that a developer is going to destroy some tide pools, so she starts a petition. And they all live happily ever after.

I took photos of Kailey at the beach this winter.

So pretty!

And I took a photo of what she was wearing on Friday:


This is more appropriate beach wear for our Washington beaches!

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