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Henriette is from Kidz n Cats, a limited edition made in Germany.  I took a few photos of her box:

henriette 001

She is a “custom” doll.  That means I got to choose her hair and eye color.  I chose…

henriette 002

She arrived at my house minutes before I had to leave the house, so naturally she came with me on my adventures.

On the ferry…

henriette 003

…to Grandma’s house…

henriette 004

…and on to Seattle!

henriette 006

Henriette arrived in the outfit in the first 2 photos: wrap sweater, turtleneck, scarf, purse, blue tutu, leggings, boots, and blue hair ribbon.  The Kidz n Cats dolls fit in the small Carpatina clothes.  In the last photo Henriette is wearing the Carpatina Camden Street costume.  It looks great with Henriette’s boots!

I had given up on Henriette arriving at all by the time I got the UPS arrival email.  I ordered her from The Toy Shoppe (in Virginia) in September!  She was  a pre-order; I got a phone call shortly after ordering that she’d arrive in late December.  Well, January came, and I got another phone call from The Toy Shoppe.  It said that their shipment of Henriette dollies had arrived, but all the dollies were damaged!  They were going to contact Kidz n Cats to see if new ones could get sent.  I thought this unlikely for a limited edition doll, and after I still hadn’t heard in about a month, I gave up.

But now she’s here!  I don’t know how they fixed her, or if they made more, or whatever.  But she’s here, and she’s beautiful.

PS: 36 more days!


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Dolly A-Z: Rieke

Remember Rieke?  I bought her in September when I went to London. She is a Kidz n Cats doll.  She has joints at her knees and elbows, and a sad pouty face.  I am disappointed in her hair.  I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for her.

She fits into the Carpatina slim-body clothes.  So she’s still wearing her Halloween costume, Carpatina’s Elizabethan ball gown.  I think it’s festive enough for Christmas.


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Live update from London

I’m in London! It’s my last full day here. I thought I would share a quick snapshot of my dolly haul:

UK Barbie
2 My London Girl outfits
2 My London Guy outfits
2 Kidz n Cats outfits
And Rieke!

Rieke is from Kidz n Cats. Their website is http://www.with-heart-and-soul.de. They’re German. They were previously available in the US, distributed by Madame Alexander, but they aren’t anymore. I got Rieke on clearance at Harrods. I almost didnt buy her. I left Harrods, took the tube out to My London Girl, then came back to Harrods to get her. I was incapable of leaving her behind. I had to google how to pronounce her name. (Like reeka). I’m gonna say it’s short for Ulrike, then I can call her Uli if the mood strikes. Like on project runway. There was also an exchange student in high school named Ulrike.

You’ll see more pictures of the My London Girl clothes when it’s Emma’s turn on Dolly A-Z. Henry’s turn is coming up soon too so he can show off the boy clothes. But Rieke’s turn won’t be for months! I’ll have to share another photo when we get home and she can take that noose off (it was challenging enough to free her out of her box because I don’t have any scissors, but the ziptie around her neck until I find some).

Time to get out of bed and start my day. Cheerio!


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