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Dolly A-Z: Tylie

Here is Tylie as Ladybug Look.  She is my least favorite of the Garden Party La Dee Da dolls.

dolly t-z 011

She’s hanging out in my Christmas stocking.  4 more days ’til Christmas!  And just a few days left of Dolly A-Z!

We’ve now met all 4 of my La Dee Da dolls:



We’ve also met 30 American Girl dolls, 6 Maplelea, 18 AG Mini dolls, 5 Cabbage Patch Kids, 8 dolls from Girls from Many Lands, and a partridge in a pear tree (just kidding, no pears, no partridges)

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Dolly A-Z: Sloane

This is Butterfly Blast Sloane. She’s a La Dee Da doll that I bought one day at Walmart. I slept in this morning, so here’s a snapshot I grabbed as I hustled to work. (And now I’m posting from work; don’t tell the boss)


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Dolly A-Z: Dee

Here is the ringleader of the La Dee Da crew: Dee!

Specifically, Dee as Bee. I took her out to my deck to mingle with actual bees, but it was a little chilly the day I took the photo, so thankfully for me, no (real) bees.

dolly c-d 016

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Dolly A-Z: Cyanne

I’m going to London today!  I’m gonna let you in on a secret–I’m actually writing these posts several days ahead of time, so I’m still a few days away from my trip in real life, but it’s fun to pretend that today is the day.  I’m also gonna knock out a few more dolly a-z posts before I go, so we don’t miss a day while I’m gone.

Meet Cyanne, from La Dee Da. I was attracted to La Dee Da with their look of a poor man’s Pullip (big eyes, big head, skinny bodies).  I brought them home one day after I went to Walmart with a fat wallet.  I had wanted all four girls for a while (Dee, Cyanne, Sloane and Tylie), and my store finally had all four garden party girls at the same time.  I was also considering the candy collection.  Since I’ve bought them they have released a fruity collection (a little boring, but less expensive) and a princess collection, which is pretty cute, if a bit of a ripoff of Ever After High.  I’m happy with my choice to bring these girls home, but I feel no need to bring more La Dee Da girls home.  I just don’t want more little dolls.  I’ll stick with the bigger play dolls; support my addiction to American Girl.

Today we meet Cyanne as Sunflower Burst.  My love for Cyanne is all about color.  Orange with turquoise is brilliant!  I think that her hair is the most delicious color in existence.

dolly c-d 012

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This is the last chapter of spending my bonus (not that I spent all of my bonus, but I’m done spending it on dolls–I hope). This is the last thing I paid for, but the first thing that arrived, because I bought them at Walmart. I’ve been eyeing La Dee Da for a while because I think they’re adorable, but I just don’t think my collection wants to go in the Barbie/Monster High/other fashion doll direction. These girls kinda remind me of Pullip. Aren’t they fun?

It’s been a crazy dolly day. Check out my photo below of the dolly box carnage!



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