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Went to Canada yesterday!

Yesterday my sister and I went to Vancouver.  I bought my dollies a present at the Chapters bookstore on Robson Street:

Thanks to Lanie for modeling.  I think American Girl Canada is a little bizarre.  Are Canadians American?  I supposed they live on the North American continent.  And today I read that the majority of Canadians live further south than I do!  I knew that most Canadians live really close to the US/Canada border, but I never really considered that 3 of their 4 biggest cities are below the 49th parallel.  The 4th city, Canada’s 3rd largest, is Vancouver, which is definitely north of me.  Are we gonna get an American Girl character that’s Canadian?  I guess Caroline has cousins that live on the Canadian side of Lake Ontario, but how bout a fur-trader or a black Loyalist or a nomadic Inuit?

Enough about Canada.  I’m gonna try my very best to get a Maplelea Monday post up tomorrow, but no promises.  Happy 3 day weekend!

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I’m going to American Girl on Saturday!  I’m going to American Girl on Saturday!

Hosting our countdown tonight is Lanie, Girl of the Year 2010.  She is wearing Samantha’s new Frilly Frock:

And here’s a photo from 2010 when Lanie first arrived at my house:


An interesting fact about my Lanie: she was the first American Girl to be delivered to my current address.  Lanie and Grace are both from Massachusetts!  Lanie is from Cambridge.  We don’t know where Grace is from yet…but we will soon!

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Caroline is still our newest historical character (I don’t count Samantha’s re-release).  We met her in the fall of 2012, the bicentennial year of the War of 1812.  I think Caroline is a beautiful doll with a beautiful collection.


Back row is Caroline’s travel outfit, her new party outfit, her winter coat, her starter outfit, and her work dress.  Front row is her nightgown, holiday dress, and birthday dress.


Caroline shows off her beautiful ice skates


This is Lanie (who looks a little like Caroline) in the new shiny party dress.


Addy and Inkpot


Samantha and Garnet.  How cool is it that Caroline gets a cow?

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Today the dollies are pretending they’re in New Mexico.  Whether historic or contemporary, here are the girls in the collections of Josefina and Saige.

005 003

And because it’s awesome, how ’bout a photo from a real trip to New Mexico (October 2013):

Albuquerque 311


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Lanie is wearing American Girl’s Island Vacation Outfit.  4 days ’til my Island Vacation!

hawaii bound 002

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Dolly A-Z: Lanie

Wow! American Girl dolls 4 days is a row! When this post publishes, I will be on my way to New Mexico for Balloon Fiesta. I’ll post photos in a few days.

Today’s doll is Lanie, girl of the year 2010. I ordered her at midnight on January 1, 2010. (for Kanani, I had figured out that I can order at 10pm Pacific time). Lanie was the second doll ever to appear on this blog (Alexi was the first; they both appeared before it was My Dolly Addiction, and it was just a blog of my random musings).

Link back to January 2010

Lanie gets to wear the amazing Spider Witch costume this year, which I purchased in AG Chicago on my way to Ohio in 2004:




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If you were born yesterday, and therefore know nothing about American Girl, then I’d like to introduce you to the Girl of the Year. Well, 12 of them actually. American Girl didn’t start calling them Girls of the Year until Jess was released in 2006. Lindsey and Kailey were released as limited edition–while supplies last, and if I recall they lasted a little longer than a year. Since then, each girl has been available for only 1 year. I was going to stop after Jess, but then I saw Nicki in person at American Girl Place Chicago, and I had to take her home. After that, I just had to keep collecting. Here they are, from left to right, back row to front:

Lindsey Bergman, 2001
Kailey Hopkins, 2003
Marisol Luna, 2005
Jess Akiko McConnell, 2006
Nicki Fleming, 2007
Mia St Clair, 2008
Chrissa Maxwell, 2009
Sonali Mathews, Chrissa’s Best Friend (absent from my collection is Chrissa’s other best friend Gwen. 2009 is the only year they released more than 1 doll.)
Lanie Holland, 2010
Kanani Akina, 2011
McKenna Brooks, 2012
Saige Copeland, 2013

girl of the year 2001-2013 001
Who’s your favorite Girl of the Year?

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