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Taryn heard on the radio this morning that it snowed last night!  So she suited up and went outside.  She was met with disappointment.  Saila was able to rally the troops (though Taryn could not be convinced) and McKenna, Lanie, and Saila went to the beach.  In December.  It was cold.  Lanie’s hair went wild.  I loved it.

dollies go to the beach 026

dollies go to the beach 017

dollies go to the beach 005

dollies go to the beach 015

dollies go to the beach 011

dollies go to the beach 009

dollies go to the beach 013

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Wow. 3 weeks already. Today’s throwback goes into the world of Felicity and Elizabeth. Here are Felicity and Elizabeth in their holiday gowns and Lanie in Felicity’s Gala Gown. I’m so glad Felicity and Elizabeth are part of my collection. Their dresses are some of the prettiest.


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Put my tree up today. Stockings are hung by the TV with care. Dollies are in their Christmas dresses. Season’s greetings!





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Throwback Thursday #1

As promised, here is my first Throwback Thursday.  It’s Lanie, Girl of the Year 2010.


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…not really.  I just didn’t have an urge to blog.  Until today!

I’ve decided to give this blog to the dolls.  The inspiration was Throwback Thursday on dolldiaries.com.  I will post my own Throwback Thursdays.  But since today is Sunday, you get a family portrait

family portrait

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Lanie is Here!

Lanie arrived yesterday, along with her starter collection, a figure skating dress, and about 4,000 legos. It was better than Christmas. Lanie is Girl of the Year 2010, and is my 22nd American Girl. She is my 6th doll with blond hair and my 6th doll with curly hair, but my 1st doll with blond curly hair. Pictures follow. She’s great.

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