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Meet my first Hearts for Hearts Girl Lilian. Well, I s’pose technically I bought her and Nahji at the same time. I had a heard about the dolls a few months earlier, and was slightly interested in the concept, but when I saw them in person I was immediately in awe. They have so much detail for a doll that you can buy at Target. Lilian is wearing a blouse, a vest, leggings, earrings and a headband. She is from Belarus. I read a review on Amazon describing a 3-year-old who says “my dolly is from Belarus”. How cute is that?

lilian 004

And here’s a photo from the night I bought her, still in her box.


Don’t you love them?  I’m excited to have all the Hearts for Hearts girls, but I kinda hope they don’t put out any more–I’m running out of room on their shelf.

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I went to 2 Targets and a Toys R Us on Thursday and I found Rahel, Consuelo, and Dell. I only need 3 more (and all 3 are out if stock on Amazon). I hope I can find them. I really want Zelia because I have a jacket just like hers (last picture). So here are Rahel, Consuelo, And Dell




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The new dollies did manage to get out of their box, so here’s a closer look. I love Nahji’s nose ring! I also snapped a pic of the global representation that my doll collection can make: United States, Canada, Victorian London, India, Belarus, and Asia.





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I was at Target today and I saw the Hearts for Hearts girls in person for the first time. I was immediately in love. They will love it at my house with American Girls and Canadian Girls and Matilda and Amelia from the UK. My target had 3 in stock today: Nahji from India, Lilian from Belarus, and Zelia from Brazil. I would have taken all 3 home if I hadn’t already bought 4 new dolls this month. I’m so excited, I haven’t even taken them out of their box yet!



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