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Dolly A-Z: Maru

Maru!  One of the taller dolls in my collection (I think she’s 21 inches), I got her earlier this year.  Here are her gorgeous “day she arrived” photos:

maru and friends 004

maru and friends 003

maru and friends 002

And here she is getting her Flamenco on for Halloween this year:

maru 001

Maru is an amazing doll.  She gets my thumbs up.

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Here’s a picture I took this week that shows the diversity of my doll collection.

everyone 001

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Maru is a young Latina girl who moves to the United States to live with her aunt and uncle, where she waits for her parents to be able to come to the US too.  That’s based on a true story from the doll’s creator.  She came with a little picture book telling her story (better than Analisa’s book in my opinion).  I also got her friend Raven because I thought her outfit was cute.  (you can meet Maru and all of her friends at http://maruandfriends.com/)

Like the other 2 dolls I got today, they are 20 inches tall.  They are entirely vinyl.  They have teeny tiny heads and feet.  And narrow shoulders.  And kinda big bellies.  I really like the clothes they came in.  It’s fun to have so many pieces.  Maru has a hat and scarf and vest and sweater and skirt and tights and boots and a purse.  Raven has a shirt and a sweater and a skirt and knee socks and shoes.  And they sell clothes on the website.  And right now shipping is free.  I’m just not sure about their awkward body shape though.

Picture time!

maru and friends 001 maru and friends 002 maru and friends 003 maru and friends 004 maru and friends 005 maru and friends 006

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