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Dolly A-Z: Nahji

It’s time for another Hearts for Hearts Girl!  This is Nahji, and she is the doll that made me fall in love with the entire Hearts for Hearts line.  She has a nose ring and a henna tattoo!  I find that pretty amazing.  And I read a review on amazon from a mom whose 3-year-old daughter wanted to have a Nahji birthday party.  The mom called the company and they gave her tons of ideas for an Indian-themed birthday party.  For a 3-year-old.  Love it.

I took Nahji’s photo yesterday at the same time as Mosi’s.  Still cold outside.

mosi and nahji 002


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I went to 2 Targets and a Toys R Us on Thursday and I found Rahel, Consuelo, and Dell. I only need 3 more (and all 3 are out if stock on Amazon). I hope I can find them. I really want Zelia because I have a jacket just like hers (last picture). So here are Rahel, Consuelo, And Dell




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The new dollies did manage to get out of their box, so here’s a closer look. I love Nahji’s nose ring! I also snapped a pic of the global representation that my doll collection can make: United States, Canada, Victorian London, India, Belarus, and Asia.





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I was at Target today and I saw the Hearts for Hearts girls in person for the first time. I was immediately in love. They will love it at my house with American Girls and Canadian Girls and Matilda and Amelia from the UK. My target had 3 in stock today: Nahji from India, Lilian from Belarus, and Zelia from Brazil. I would have taken all 3 home if I hadn’t already bought 4 new dolls this month. I’m so excited, I haven’t even taken them out of their box yet!



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