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Dolly A-Z: Pita

Happy Thanksgiving! This is Pita. Her character’s from Mexico, so has decided not to celebrate thanksgiving.
By the way, Pita is a Karito Kids doll. She’s lovely. It’s sad karito kids went out of business–she needs more clothes.

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More Karito Kids

karito kids 001 karito kids 002 karito kids 004 karito kids 005

An update on Zoe: I discovered she isn’t wearing her original skirt (it has an American Girl tag!, so I filed a complaint through amazon.  I’m getting a partial refund from the seller!

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Karito Kids have been discontinued for a few years now. I tracked down 3. As you may remember from a 30 days with Mini Kit post, I found Pita on walmart.com and was thrilled to use my employee discount. Pita is gorgeous, but I really had my eye on Lulu. I found her on ebay, still in her box, for a really good price. Then I had 2 brunettes, and needed a blonde. My first choice was Piper, but then I learned that Zoe had freckles!! I found Zoe on amazon for a not-as-good price (more than I paid for Pita). Amazon told me that she did not have her box or her book, which I was fine with, but they didn’t tell me she was also missing her hat and gloves. She arrived in a box sitting down, and her pants are all stretched out from sitting for who knows how long. And she has some hair issues. She’s the first play doll that I’ve ever bought used, and I know these are all things that would happen in her life anyway, but it’s so weird that I wasn’t there for them. I’m even a little sad about her. So, I’m pretending that I got her for as cheap as I got Lulu, and that I paid a little extra for Lulu because she’s super gorgeous. All three of them are extraordinarily beautiful.  I’ll take better pictures eventually, but here’s a little taste of their beauty.







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