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New York! New York!

I went to New York on July 18!

And I brought Rebecca!

And I took photos!

We left really early in the morning.  Here’s a picture at sunrise:

I was happy to have an empty seat next to me on one of the flights:

We landed at the Newark airport around 4:30 pm, which was barely enough time to make it to the hotel for check-in and up to the theater.  We arrived at 8:04 for an 8:00 show.  Had time for a photo at intermission:

We saw An American in Paris, and it was lovely.  After the show we wandered around Times Square for a while.  I took a few photos, but it was far too crowded for Rebecca to get out and be in them.  Then we settled into our fancy hotel.  I was surprised because it was so fancy because I paid less for this trip (airfare+hotel) then I did for my trip to Denver on Memorial Day, and I booked last minute (as in the morning before I left).  Here’s a photo on the window seat:

We could see the new World Trade Center and the memorial fountain.  In the morning I just sat at the window and stared at it for a while.

The next day, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.  The destination was Brooklyn Bridge Park for a Ramen burger.  Totally worth the walk!

A couple photos from Brooklyn:

Notice Rebecca’s outfit?  It’s a clue for our next stop, Yankee Stadium!

The last time I went to Yankee Stadium was 2001, and I was interested in seeing the new stadium, but not sure I wanted to spend that much valuable sightseeing time on baseball.  When I found out they were playing the Mariners, that seemed like a sign that I should go.  So I went to root, root, root for the home team.

Again lucky to have an empty seat next to me, Rebecca watched the game from the comfort of the Maplelea backpack:

After the walk to Brooklyn and the hours sitting in the sun for the game, I was so drowsy, so I went for a nap.  Planning to wake up for dinner, I woke up at 11:30 instead.  Too late to venture out for dinner on my own in a city I’m not very familiar with, so I went back to bed.  So sad to miss out on an awesome New York meal, but so nice to relax (mmmm, Westin Heavenly Bed).

The next day was the last day, so in the few hours we had we went to the Museum of Modern Art (loved it) and American Girl (how could I not).

Ate my breakfast (pie from Magnolia Bakery) at Rockefeller Center:

The New York American Girl was nice and big.

I was wishing for big historical displays like at the original Chicago store, and the New York versions were pretty cute.  Rebecca got photos in Julie and Rebecca’s sections:

And here’s a photo “hanging” out in the bathroom:

And finally on the plane ride home:

It was a really fun trip.  I could have done so much more sightseeing if it weren’t 100 degrees.  I could have wandered around the city for hours.  But at that temp, I couldn’t.  It was a good training weekend for the trip to Florida I made the following week.  But it was too hot for this Seattle girl.  I am feeling dehydrated now just thinking about it, so I think I’ll stop typing.  Here’s one more photo.  It’s of Coconut, wearing her AG New York souvenirs:

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We made it!  Here is the last of my historical collection, Kaya.  Kaya is a Nez Perce Girl.  Nez Perce lived in areas of what is now Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  She has just a few outfits and a teepee:

I was hoping that Kaya would get more of a makeover for BeForever.  Would it kill American Girl to give her more outfits?

Let’s look back at everything:






Marie-Grace and Cecile:



kirsten and portia 021


forever samantha and addy 033


forever samantha and addy 001


forever rebecca 002


julie and kit forever 025


Molly's whole world 001


julie and kit forever 001

I just want to shout out that I love the historical characters!  These oufits and accessories are what made me fall in love with American Girl the moment I got my first catalog in the 90s.  My favorite is Molly because she was my first.  Who’s your favorite?

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Say hello to Samantha, the first American Girl to come back from retirement!  Here is my Samantha collection:

forever samantha and addy 001

I can see my mother rolling her eyes at my third dolly bicycle, but I couldn’t resist free shipping!

Here’s Samantha in the winter coat that came out around the same time as Samantha’s movie:

forever samantha and addy 007

Marisol looks sensational in Samantha’s Cranberry Party Dress:

forever samantha and addy 008

Here’s Gwen in the new winter coat:

forever samantha and addy 009

Samantha’s bike is really beautiful.  Critics say it’s too modern, but someone on the dolly boards found a vintage advertisement for a bicycle that came in vermilion, and safety bicycles were first designed in 1876 according to Wikipedia.  Mia looks gorgeous in the pink hair ribbon and turquoise-accented blouse:

forever samantha and addy 010

Here’s Caroline in Samantha’s new meet dress (which I think is pretty mediocre) and Kanani in the Frilly Frock…

forever samantha and addy 014

…that I think is amazing!

forever samantha and addy 015

Nellie looks quite sophisticated in the dress she borrowed from Samantha:

forever samantha and addy 023

Molly, Marie-Grace, and Jess chillin in sleepwear:

forever samantha and addy 027

Rebecca models Samantha’s new holiday set:

forever samantha and addy 028

Poor Kaya is dressed to be shipped off to boarding school:

forever samantha and addy 003

And Kirsten borrows Nellie’s dress, which happens to be her favorite color:

forever samantha and addy 004

Best Friends Forever Elizabeth and Felicity display timeless beauty:

forever samantha and addy 024

I have mixed feelings about Samantha’s return.  Her new collection is very pink, but I’m eager to see future releases.  Who wants to share their favorite Samantha outfit, new or retired?

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My Rebecca collection is a bit on the small side, which makes a group photo easier:

forever rebecca 002

Back row: Winter Coat and hat, Hanukkah dress, school dress, new holiday dress, school play outfit, lace dress

Front row: classic meet outfit, new meet outfit, movie star dress, summer dress, robe, pajamas

Closeups of my favorites:

Julie in the new meet outfit

forever rebecca 006

Addy in the old meet outfit:

forever rebecca 008

Josefina and Kit:

forever rebecca 010

Kirsten in Rebecca’s pajamas, which are adorable:

forever rebecca 003

Rebecca’s lace dress is one of my favorite dresses on anyone, including Elizabeth:

forever rebecca 004

How cute is that headband from Rebecca’s school play set on Ivy?:

forever rebecca 005

Let’s see what other photos I can find of Rebecca’s outfits:

003 Felicity dressed as Rebecca 002 mackinac island 003

Just a few, but all beautiful!  Have a nice day!

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Kit got 3 new outfits with the launch of Beforever, as modeled by the 3 girls in the front row:

julie and kit forever 025

Back row: Kit in the Reds Fan Outfit, Nellie in the summer dress, Ivy in Ruthie’s Christmas dress, Caroline in Kit’s birthday dress, Kaya in the winter coat

Row 4: Felicity in the Scooter outfit, Samantha in the Hobo outfit, Marie-Grace in the School Skirt set, Emily in the Christmas dress, Kailey in Ruthie’s Play Outfit

Row 3: Marisol in Kit’s Reporter Outfit, Rebecca in the Floral Print Dress, Ruthie in Kit’s school jumper, Lindsey in the swimsuit, and Kirsten in the Play Suit

Row 2: Julie in Kit’s meet outfit, Molly in Kit’s beach pajamas, Elizabeth in Ruthie’s pajamas, and McKenna in Ruthie’s meet outfit

Front row: Saige in the new photographer dress, Cecile in the new meet outfit, and Chrissa in the new reporter dress

Here are some closeups of my favorites:

julie and kit forever 031 julie and kit forever 029 julie and kit forever 028 julie and kit forever 027 julie and kit forever 026 julie and kit forever 035 julie and kit forever 033 julie and kit forever 032

And I forgot her relatively new candy-making dress in the group photo:


I really like Kit’s new outfits, but they seem more 50’s than 30’s to me.  But what do I know, that was decades before my existence!

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I’ve been admiring my girls all week in their new Beforever outfits, and I’ve been wondering how they fit in with the rest of each girl’s collection.  So I decided to dig out all of my outfits from the historical collection, and photograph them all.  This might take a while.  I decided to start with Julie and work back in time.  Let’s start with the group photo:

julie and kit forever 001

Back row: On Bicycle=Caroline, In VW= Ivy and Julie, On Bleachers= Felicity, Kaya, Josefina, Kit, Nellie

3rd row: Addy, Cecile, Samantha, Elizabeth

2nd row: Rebecca, Lindsey, Ruthie

Front row: Jess, Molly, Sonali, Isabelle

And here are close-ups of my favorites from today:

Josefina in Basketball gear, standing on bleachers

Josefina in Basketball gear, standing on bleachers

Ivy in her rainbow romper, and Julie in her patchwork outfit riding the Beetle

Ivy in her rainbow romper, and Julie in her patchwork outfit riding the Beetle

Felicity in Summer Skirt

Felicity in Summer Skirt

Elizabeth in birthday dress with goodies

Elizabeth in birthday dress with goodies

Kaya in Floral Jumpsuit

Kaya in Floral Jumpsuit

Caroline in Julie's outfit riding the banana seat bike

Caroline in Julie’s outfit riding the banana seat bike

Nellie in Dog Walking Outfit

Nellie in Dog Walking Outfit

Samantha in Calico Dress (hooray for a kerchief to contain that mane)

Samantha in Calico Dress (hooray for a kerchief to contain that mane)

Cecile in Christmas Dress

Cecile in Christmas Dress

Ruthie rocks Ivy's outfit and beret

Ruthie rocks Ivy’s outfit and beret

Rebecca in Ivy's New Year Outfit

Rebecca in Ivy’s New Year Outfit

julie and kit forever 023

Kit in pajamas styling the Barbie head

And how about some more photos of Julie’s outfits, that have been posted to the blog previously:


Oh man, I forgot about this outfit in the group photo because I’m storing it in the box with the disco ball. Oh well. No retakes!

20140905-121418-44058994.jpg 20140905-121418-44058110.jpg 112   001 all my american girls 007 00420140329-083022.jpg

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Before Beforever, my dollies were dressed for summer.  Here are some snapshots I took a few weeks ago.  Sorry I’m just now getting them posted.

Emily ready to fly; Molly ready to roll

Emily ready to fly; Molly ready to roll

Nellie, Samantha, Rebecca, Ruthie, Kit

Nellie, Samantha, Rebecca, Ruthie, Kit

Addy invited Elizabeth, Felicity, and Marie-Grace over for ice cream!

Addy invited Elizabeth, Felicity, and Marie-Grace over for ice cream!

Inkpot chilling on the hood of the car (one of our kitty's favorite nap spots)

Inkpot chilling on the hood of the car (one of our kitty’s favorite nap spots)



Gwen and Sonali ready for the great outdoors

Gwen and Sonali ready for the great outdoors

I had a really nice summer, with just a few adventures.  I’ve got one more adventure coming up, then I declare summer over.  I’m gonna go change dolly clothes now.

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Today the dollies are pretending they’re in New Mexico.  Whether historic or contemporary, here are the girls in the collections of Josefina and Saige.

005 003

And because it’s awesome, how ’bout a photo from a real trip to New Mexico (October 2013):

Albuquerque 311


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These outfits were released a couple weeks ago, and I ran to American Girl ASAP to buy them.  It’s so handy to have friends that live 10 minutes away from the mall!

007 001

These outfits are pretty nice, but the price tag was pretty outrageous.  They came with accessories that I probably won’t play with much, but I still had to pay for them.

Have you heard that American Girl is “relaunching” the historical line this fall?  AG announced on facebook that Samantha’s coming back, and there are new book listings on amazon (a three-book set that seems to include some sort of Choose Your Adventure-type story).  Here’s a link for the amazon page: http://www.amazon.com/Samantha-3-Book-Boxed-American-Girl/dp/1609585062/ref=sr_1_25?ie=UTF8&qid=1396550239&sr=8-25&keywords=samantha+3-book+american+girl

The release date is listed as August 28.  I’m awfully excited.  I’m hoping for more new outfits, and hopefully more frequent releases of historical items.

Do you have any speculations of what’s in store for this fall?


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I finally got the girls into Isabelle outfits:


Kit is wearing Isabelle’s performance outfit, Josefina is wearing her fancy dress, and Nikki is wearing Isabelle’s pajamas.  You can see Isabelle peeking over Josefina’s shoulders; she is still wearing the outfit she came in and the jacket that came with her accessories.  Everyone else is wearing all of Isabelle’s mix and match pieces.  That’s all for now.  Have a nice day.



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