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6 days to go!

I’m going to American Girl in 6 days!  To celebrate Girl of the Year 2015, here’s Chrissa (girl of the year 2009) and her 2 best friends.  2009 was the only year we got more than one doll of the year.  The word on the street is that the concept was a flop and will most likely not be repeated.  Whatever.

My weird new camera thought this photo would look better in sepia. Whatever.

Heres a photo from when I got Gwen (this year!) of all three girls in the dresses they came in:



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I cheated a little.  Because Molly doesn’t have any new outfits, I didn’t take any new photos.  I already have a group photo with all of Molly’s outfits:

Molly's whole world 001

Back row: Emily’s snowsuit, Molly’s Christmas dress, swimsuit, Camp Gowonagin uniform, birthday dress, recital dress, Miss Victory costume, Molly’s bicycle, Emily’s tap costume, Molly’s dude ranch outfit, Route 66 outit, Tennis outfit, aviator outfit, Emily’s bathrobe, Molly’s pajamas, Molly’s bathrobe

Front row: Molly’s skating outfit, Emily’s Christmas dress, Emily’s bikini, Molly’s roller skating outfit, Molly’s birthday dress, Emily’s recital dress, Molly’s meet outfit, Emily’s meet outfit, Molly’s plaid skirt set, school jumper (homemade by my mommy), polka dot dress, Halloween costume, floral pajamas, Emily’s pajamas.

And let’s see what other Molly outfit photos I have lying around.  Here’s last week’s photo of Molly and Emily in Saige’s hot air balloon.  Emily is wearing the Route 66 outfit and Molly is wearing the Roller Skating outfit:

A lousy picture of Kit, but a pretty good picture of Molly’s Dude Ranch outfit!


Emily in her bikini:


Samantha wore Molly’s Polka Dot Dress on a wintertime trip to American Girl:

Samantha 001

Rebecca borrowed Emily’s dress for a Hanukkah celebration:


Ruthie is wearing Molly’s pajamas (homemade by my mommy), and is lounging on Molly’s bed with mini Molly’s copy of Meet Molly:


Nicki is suited up for Camp Gowonagin:

nicki 003

Nellie looks adorable in the roller skating outfit, but she’s about to wake the whole neighborhood with the cymbals from Molly’s percussion set:

nellie plays percussion 001

Here’s the very first photo of my Emily; please excuse the messy dorm room:

Emily closeup

Emily bakes cookies (the apron is part of Kit’s collection):

Dollies' new oven 004

Another photo of the roller skating outfit; this time modeled by Nicki:

double bluff beach 050

Kanani looks splendid in Molly’s Hawaiian-style swimsuit!  Now she needs a Hawaiian beach (this photo is a beach on Washington’s Whidbey Island):

double bluff beach 006

Here’s a photo from the day Maplelea Alexi arrived.  Elizabeth is wearing Molly’s ice skating outfit (and looks amazing):


Molly and Kit yearn to escape Ohio’s winter in their new swimsuits:


Dude Ranch!


Sonali pulls off Molly’s Miss Victory costume, with Ruthie ready to tap her heart out in Emily’s costume:


That’s all I have for now.  What’s your favorite Molly (or Emily) outfit?

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…and it feels so good. Best friends Chrissa, Sonali, and Gwen are finally together again. Chrissa’s even out of the wheelchair! It’s like a miracle!


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I’m going to Maui on Saturday!  Here’s the last swimsuit, Sonali wearing Molly’s 1944 swimsuit:

beach day 003

And a swimsuit recap.  Which one’s your favorite?

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Yesterday I went to the Mariners’ Home Opener with my sister.  Much to her embarrassment, I brought Sonali.

It was raining crazy hard by the time I got downtown, so I didn’t get too many good pictures.

Here’s the first photo op, at the bus stop in Mukilteo


It wasn’t raining in Mukilteo, but not long after, I put a bag over Sonali’s head to keep her safe.  I made it to the stadium without drowning, and took a photo of rainy Seattle:


Then made our way to our seats.

This is our usher.  Her name is Sue.


Confession: Sue is my friend.  She actually reads this blog from time to time.  Hi Sue!  I knew she worked at the stadium, but I had no idea what she did there, and of about a hundred ushers, it was quite coincidental that she was in our section!

We were at the very top, probably because we bought our tickets on Friday for the game on Tuesday.  But they were close to home plate, so not that bad.

It doesn’t make for great photos though:




Here’s a better selfie, but Sonali chose not to go with me to get souvenirs:


I stayed overnight at my sister’s house, then headed home.  I had to change buses on campus, so took some time to stroll around and take more photos.  Tulips near the cupcake shop:


Cherry trees in the quad (too late to catch them in full bloom.  Bummer.)


And by the HUB:


Awww, go Huskies.  I can’t believe I graduated 10 years ago! (this statue was not there then)

Fun day, even with the rain.  Of course, today the sun is shinyshinyshiny.  Oh well, 17 days ’til Maui!

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Dolly A-Z: Sonali

This is Sonali. She was released in 2009; she’s one of Chrissa’s best friends. Here she is ready for Christmas.


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If you were born yesterday, and therefore know nothing about American Girl, then I’d like to introduce you to the Girl of the Year. Well, 12 of them actually. American Girl didn’t start calling them Girls of the Year until Jess was released in 2006. Lindsey and Kailey were released as limited edition–while supplies last, and if I recall they lasted a little longer than a year. Since then, each girl has been available for only 1 year. I was going to stop after Jess, but then I saw Nicki in person at American Girl Place Chicago, and I had to take her home. After that, I just had to keep collecting. Here they are, from left to right, back row to front:

Lindsey Bergman, 2001
Kailey Hopkins, 2003
Marisol Luna, 2005
Jess Akiko McConnell, 2006
Nicki Fleming, 2007
Mia St Clair, 2008
Chrissa Maxwell, 2009
Sonali Mathews, Chrissa’s Best Friend (absent from my collection is Chrissa’s other best friend Gwen. 2009 is the only year they released more than 1 doll.)
Lanie Holland, 2010
Kanani Akina, 2011
McKenna Brooks, 2012
Saige Copeland, 2013

girl of the year 2001-2013 001
Who’s your favorite Girl of the Year?

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