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Dolly A-Z: Tipi

This is Tipi from Laos.  I’m amazed that she looks Laotian, and not just Asian.

dolly t-z 005


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Look who finally showed up on amazon! When I started collecting Hearts 4 Hearts, I told myself that I wouldn’t buy online–I could only have the ones I found in stores. But then I only needed one more…so I broke my promise to myself. Dolly addiction! So now I have all of them, probably just in time for them to come out with more (I think I read that Mosi is coming Summer 2013, which would be now). Oy.

Tipi is from Laos. She wants to help kids at her school get books and learn to read.

tipi 003

she makes herself at home with the other girls:tipi 001

And climbs into the beetle:
tipi 002

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