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Countdown: 38 days!

Continuing the countdown to summer, Vanange Analisa is in a dress that feels quite summery:



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Dolly A-Z: Analisa

As I mentioned yesterday, Analisa got new clothes this week!

Analisa is from Vanange (www.vanange,com).  She is a Christian girl who lives in Italy and has 6 friends living all around the world.  I got Analisa on sale this winter, and I finally decided to buy the Vanange outfits for her.  She is 19.5 inches tall, and she almost fits American Girl clothes, but I wanted to get some outfits that were just for her.  Here they are:

013 014 015 016 017

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Analisa discovered she can wear Maplelea clothes. Here are some of her favorites. Sorry for the mediocre iPhone pictures.







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Here’s a picture I took this week that shows the diversity of my doll collection.

everyone 001

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Maru is a young Latina girl who moves to the United States to live with her aunt and uncle, where she waits for her parents to be able to come to the US too.  That’s based on a true story from the doll’s creator.  She came with a little picture book telling her story (better than Analisa’s book in my opinion).  I also got her friend Raven because I thought her outfit was cute.  (you can meet Maru and all of her friends at http://maruandfriends.com/)

Like the other 2 dolls I got today, they are 20 inches tall.  They are entirely vinyl.  They have teeny tiny heads and feet.  And narrow shoulders.  And kinda big bellies.  I really like the clothes they came in.  It’s fun to have so many pieces.  Maru has a hat and scarf and vest and sweater and skirt and tights and boots and a purse.  Raven has a shirt and a sweater and a skirt and knee socks and shoes.  And they sell clothes on the website.  And right now shipping is free.  I’m just not sure about their awkward body shape though.

Picture time!

maru and friends 001 maru and friends 002 maru and friends 003 maru and friends 004 maru and friends 005 maru and friends 006

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I bought Analisa the day after I bought Emily/Sheila.  Analisa was on sale for $64.  She is a Vanange doll.  She’s a Christian.  Her book was super boring.  She lives in Italy, but her book doesn’t teach me much about Italy.  Here’s what it says on the back of her book:

Analisa’s best friend, Kristelle, moves back to Paris where she was born.  Analisa learns to deal with not having her best friend around her everyday.  In the process, they both discover the joy of writing letters to each other and to be patient while waiting for their letters to arrive by air-mail.

In the meantime, Analisa receives a surprising and wonderful letter from her cousin-in-law, Vannah from the Seychelles, whom she has never met.  She learns that Vannah has a best friend, Apolonia who is from the Dominican Republic, and a pen-pal, Marybelle from Atlanta, Georgia USA.  Her pen-pal has a cousin/best friend from New York named Bella.  Bella has a pen-pal in the Philippines named Luz.  Overjoyed and intrigued by the news in her letter, Analisa writes to Kristelle and tells her all about Vannah.

Analisa is determined to come up with a plan to bring all the seven girls together.  The ultimate plan is for the sever girls to help all the children around the world who do not have people to love them and care for them.  For the time being, all they can do is pray and wait!

She is the same height as Sheila and they both have the same partial cloth torso, but Sheila has much broader shoulders and a larger arm circumference (Sheila tried on Analisa’s dress and it did not work out).  I like Sheila better.  I like her facial expression and her broader torso is better to hug.  But Analisa was 1/3 the price.  Analisa’s book was boring, but Sheila didn’t have a book at all.  (They sell one Australian Girls book called The Rainbow Necklace, but I think it’s a graphic novel).  Analisa shipped USPS from Florida, so took basically the same amount of time to get here as my new Australian Girl….

Sidebar: doorbell just rang.  The FedEx man brought me more dollies!  I got 4 new dollies today!  I’ll finish telling you about Analisa, then go open the box.  Stay tuned for Chapter 7.

…Each Vanange girl comes in basically the same outfit, which makes me reluctant to buy more.  They have a few outfits on the Vanange website.  They’re expensive, but adorable.  www.vannuzza.com

Okay.  Picture time!

Analisa 002

I think Sheila and Analisa will be good friends.

Analisa 008

Analisa curls make Saige’s hair look brown!

Analisa 011

She is very sweet.  I’d like her better if she were actually Italian.  If her friends stay on sale, or her outfits go on sale in the coming months, they might join her here.  But Sheila’s better.

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