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Lanie is Here!

Lanie arrived yesterday, along with her starter collection, a figure skating dress, and about 4,000 legos. It was better than Christmas. Lanie is Girl of the Year 2010, and is my 22nd American Girl. She is my 6th doll with blond hair and my 6th doll with curly hair, but my 1st doll with blond curly hair. Pictures follow. She’s great.

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Hello. I’ve started yet another blog. This one is because I couldn’t post on the last one from the iPhone, and I still don’t have Internet in my house. So we’ll see how it goes. My apologies if it looks really ugly for non-iphoners.

I wanted to post the pictures I took of Alexi. She’s Canadian. It is taking great restraint not to spend all of my money on more stuff for her.

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