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So, this post is 6 weeks late, but here’s a review of my 2017!

January 6: Meet Gabriela!

January 13: Meeting Rick Steves

January 27-28: Toronto

February 3: Snowy Day Photo Shoot

February 6: More Snowy Friends

February 8-12: first trip to Disney World

February 14: Jam Session

February 17-19: volunteering at Girl Scout camp

March 4: New Maplelea outfits

March 14: Pi Day

March 17: Puppy Love

March 29: Sun! Maybe spring is coming!

March 30-April 6: Peru

April 6: my neighbors had babies!

April 20: fun with kittens

April 23: Tulip Festival

April 28-30: Oregon

May 3: Mismatched Shoes Day

May 5-7: Salt Spring Island

May 11: Book Signing

May 12-14: Zion National Park

May 26-29: second trip to Disney World (Flower and Garden Festival)

May 31: clearance price on Lea’s Rainforest House

June 9-19: Belgium and the Netherlands

June 30-July 4: a Disney World birthday

July 8: a little picnic

July 14: Pho

July 17: new dress! Flying Space Unicorns!

July 19-23: Caroline goes to upstate New York (eventually I’ll write a post about it)

July 25: weird stuff we sell at our store

August 5: oooh, Grand Hotel

August 11: Welcome Nanea!

September 1-4: fourth trip to Disney World (Food and Wine Festival)

September 19: I join the Sinfonia

September 20: more weird stuff we sell at work

September 28: Autumn is here

September 29-October 1: Salt Lake City (that’s where I bought Z!)

October 5: Z’s off to the doll hospital
Night before the hospital//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

October 6: I got Tenney
Tenney’s first photo//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

October 20-22: Chicago

October 25: Z is back from the hospital
Z is back from the hospital!//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

October 27: a group photo

October 31: Happy Halloween

November 4: we did glass fusion for my sister’s birthday

November 10-12: Olympic Peninsula

November 13: power outage

November 27: Christmas tree’s up!

December 8-10: San Diego

December 15-17: tree lighting in Leavenworth

December 21: Last day to work before Christmas (I made all the snowflakes!)

December 22: Four cheese spaghetti

December 25: awesome Christmas gift

December 29-31: New Years in Disney World

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I picked up all the new BeForever outfits a few weeks ago, immediately after they were released.  Now they’re all on sale for about 20% off.  Sigh.  But these photos I took may benefit some of you who are thinking about grabbing these items now that they are on sale.  I was gonna post a really clever story about all of them, but I ran out of energy.  I’m pretty sure I have pneumonia, because everything inside my rib cage is aching as if I’ve done hours of heavy lifting (I haven’t).

So enough complaining, and on to the photos I took a couple weeks ago!

Ivy in Julie’s coat and beret:

Kirsten in Julie’s skateboard outfit:

Mia in Julie’s Maxi Dress:

Kailey showing off Julie’s new sunglasses (she dropped Julie’s tie-dye bag behind the TV…I think I’m gonna have to punish her):

Lindsey in Julie’s Funky Flower Outfit:

Ruthie in Kit’s Springtime dress:

McKenna with Kit’s new overalls and chicken:

Isabelle in Rebecca’s bathing suit:

Julie in her holiday dress and egg chair:

Nellie in Samantha’s Special Day dress:

Felicity in Samantha’s dress:

Chrissa in Samantha’s travel set (and Samantha’s old dress):

Saige in Samantha’s Flower Picking outfit (and the hat from her hairstyling set):

Addy’s new dress:

Marie-Grace in Addy’s sewing dress:

Kaya’s new shawl outfit:

There are some really great outfits in this set.  My first thoughts were “nice, but I wish they didn’t cost so much.”  The sale prices make them just about right.  Not exactly a bargain (like $55 Julie doll from the today show), but a fair price.  I wonder how long these “limited edition” outfits will be around.  I’m also surprised Caroline and Josefina got left out for this release.  Are they on their way out?  While I would be sad to see them go, I hear we’re getting new historical characters soon!  We’ll talk more about that later.  So long for now!

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Ever since I posted old vacation photos on Monday, I’ve been yearning for another vacation!  Too bad my boss is failing to approve any vacation requests.  So, let’s look back on the adventures that my dollies and I have been on over the last few years…

February 2013, Seattle with Leonie


April 2013, Tulip Festival with Brianne


April 2013, Oak Harbor with Saige, Elizabeth, and Mia

oak harbor 035

May 2013, Disneyland with Mini Kit


June 2013, Chicago with McKenna


June 2013, Mackinac Island with Caroline

mackinac island 018

July 2013, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia with Jenna

August 2013, the state fair with Brianne


September 2013, Rieke came home with me from London


October 2013, Albuquerque with Saige

November 2013, Disney World with Mini Dolls






January 2014, New Orleans with Cecile

March 2014, Seattle with Henriette

henriette 006

March 2014, Bellingham with Ruthie (and Valerie and the twins)

adventure to bellingham 002

adventure to bellingham 005

adventure to bellingham 014

adventure to bellingham 020

adventure to bellingham 021

adventure to bellingham 052

April 2014, UW and a Mariners Game with Sonali



April/May 2014 Maui with Kanani


May 2014, pageant in Texas with Kit


pageant 070

July 2014, Whistler with Taryn

whistler 066

July 2014, Nauvoo, Illinois with Chrissa

illinois 022

August 2014, the zoo with Jess

October 2014, Manitoba with Saila

December 2014, the ballet with Isabelle

January 2015, Sing-a-long Sound of Music with Kirsten

January/February 2015, Disney Cruise with Grace

Where to next?

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Finally, the last chapter of what I got for Christmas!

My mommy has been hunting on ebay lately, and she found me 4 retired American Girl outfits!  Four!!!!  Chrissa is modeling a Halloween costume from the late 90s, Felicity is in her Spring Dress and Pinner Apron, Kirsten is in her work dress, and Samantha is in her bathing costume!  So cute!

So that’s what my dollies got for Christmas.  I got a kayak and a unicorn wearing Lederhosen.  Pretty great Christmas,  I’m a little ashamed that I will still have a Christmas tree up in February.  I wanted to leave it up for a little bit past new years, but then January slipped away from me, and I’m leaving for vacation on Tuesday, and yeah, the tree will still be up in February.  Oh well.  It’s a really pretty tree!

Merry Christmas!

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Let’s start with a photo I found on Google:

It’s little, but you get the point!

Now, I mentioned that my mommy asked me to bring Kirsten to her house on Saturday.  She received a late Christmas present:

She’s dressed like the Little Girl in a Pale Pink Coat from the Lonely Goatherd puppet show in the Sound of Music!  Do you know why I’m so excited for this?  Because for actual Christmas, I got a dress to match!

My mommy made costumes for me and my sister to wear to Sing A Long A Sound of Music!  We went last year and wanted to participate in the costume parade this year, and my mommy stepped up to the challenge!  I knew the human sized costumes were coming when Mommy said she found the fabric, but the dolly dress was a surprise.  I had a guess when I heard the suggestion to bring Kirsten, and I’m glad my guess was good.

So I brought Kirsten to the Sing Along!  And we stopped at a bar on the way there.  Yeah, we got carded.

dolly in a bar

It was hard to photograph inside the theater, but she really was there:

It was so much fun, even though we didn’t win the costume contest!

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We made it!  Here is the last of my historical collection, Kaya.  Kaya is a Nez Perce Girl.  Nez Perce lived in areas of what is now Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  She has just a few outfits and a teepee:

I was hoping that Kaya would get more of a makeover for BeForever.  Would it kill American Girl to give her more outfits?

Let’s look back at everything:






Marie-Grace and Cecile:



kirsten and portia 021


forever samantha and addy 033


forever samantha and addy 001


forever rebecca 002


julie and kit forever 025


Molly's whole world 001


julie and kit forever 001

I just want to shout out that I love the historical characters!  These oufits and accessories are what made me fall in love with American Girl the moment I got my first catalog in the 90s.  My favorite is Molly because she was my first.  Who’s your favorite?

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kirsten and portia 021

Cuteness follows.  Here’s Julie in Kirsten’s school dress:

kirsten and portia 024

McKenna gets to be Santa Lucia:

kirsten and portia 025

Lindsey is ready for a journey across the plains:

kirsten and portia 026

Marie-Grace looks quite angelic in Kirsten’s birthday dress:

kirsten and portia 027

Molly loves Kirsten’s Nordic winter wear (I love it too):

kirsten and portia 028

Emily in Kirsten’s traditional Swedish dirndl:

kirsten and portia 029

Jess in Kirsten’s baking dress:

kirsten and portia 022

And Kirsten is wearing the striped summer dress that I bought on ebay last week:

kirsten and portia 023

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Say hello to Samantha, the first American Girl to come back from retirement!  Here is my Samantha collection:

forever samantha and addy 001

I can see my mother rolling her eyes at my third dolly bicycle, but I couldn’t resist free shipping!

Here’s Samantha in the winter coat that came out around the same time as Samantha’s movie:

forever samantha and addy 007

Marisol looks sensational in Samantha’s Cranberry Party Dress:

forever samantha and addy 008

Here’s Gwen in the new winter coat:

forever samantha and addy 009

Samantha’s bike is really beautiful.  Critics say it’s too modern, but someone on the dolly boards found a vintage advertisement for a bicycle that came in vermilion, and safety bicycles were first designed in 1876 according to Wikipedia.  Mia looks gorgeous in the pink hair ribbon and turquoise-accented blouse:

forever samantha and addy 010

Here’s Caroline in Samantha’s new meet dress (which I think is pretty mediocre) and Kanani in the Frilly Frock…

forever samantha and addy 014

…that I think is amazing!

forever samantha and addy 015

Nellie looks quite sophisticated in the dress she borrowed from Samantha:

forever samantha and addy 023

Molly, Marie-Grace, and Jess chillin in sleepwear:

forever samantha and addy 027

Rebecca models Samantha’s new holiday set:

forever samantha and addy 028

Poor Kaya is dressed to be shipped off to boarding school:

forever samantha and addy 003

And Kirsten borrows Nellie’s dress, which happens to be her favorite color:

forever samantha and addy 004

Best Friends Forever Elizabeth and Felicity display timeless beauty:

forever samantha and addy 024

I have mixed feelings about Samantha’s return.  Her new collection is very pink, but I’m eager to see future releases.  Who wants to share their favorite Samantha outfit, new or retired?

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My Rebecca collection is a bit on the small side, which makes a group photo easier:

forever rebecca 002

Back row: Winter Coat and hat, Hanukkah dress, school dress, new holiday dress, school play outfit, lace dress

Front row: classic meet outfit, new meet outfit, movie star dress, summer dress, robe, pajamas

Closeups of my favorites:

Julie in the new meet outfit

forever rebecca 006

Addy in the old meet outfit:

forever rebecca 008

Josefina and Kit:

forever rebecca 010

Kirsten in Rebecca’s pajamas, which are adorable:

forever rebecca 003

Rebecca’s lace dress is one of my favorite dresses on anyone, including Elizabeth:

forever rebecca 004

How cute is that headband from Rebecca’s school play set on Ivy?:

forever rebecca 005

Let’s see what other photos I can find of Rebecca’s outfits:

003 Felicity dressed as Rebecca 002 mackinac island 003

Just a few, but all beautiful!  Have a nice day!

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Today the dollies are pretending they’re in New Mexico.  Whether historic or contemporary, here are the girls in the collections of Josefina and Saige.

005 003

And because it’s awesome, how ’bout a photo from a real trip to New Mexico (October 2013):

Albuquerque 311


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