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Tuesday April 30. Controlled substance inventory day = counting pills all night long.


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Mommy and I took a tour of Oak Harbor with Elizabeth, Mia, and Saige.  We were home by 11.

oak harbor 002

oak harbor 006

oak harbor 007

oak harbor 009

oak harbor 014

oak harbor 021

oak harbor 028

oak harbor 032

oak harbor 033

oak harbor 034

oak harbor 035

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Monday, April 29.  Exploring Oak Harbor.  For you locals who are unfamiliar with the concept, that round thing in the sky is the sun!

oak harbor 003


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Brianne wants to be a ballerina, and she also does Ukranian dancing.  Jenna does Highland dancing.  Dolly dancing!  Delightful!

012 011 010 004

the day after dolly day 024

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Sunday April 28. Grandma made dinner! Mashed potatoes! Yum! Oh, wait. I don’t have a stomach!


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Saturday April 27. Seattle Drill Team Association All City Competition.


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This dress is called renaissance princess.  The majority of the dress is shimmery lavender, the sleeves are sheer, and the underskirt is made of a stiff fabric so that it doesn’t need a petticoat.  The shoes are pretty cute too, even though the dress is too long to see them.julia renaissance princess 020

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